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Growing up, my dad introduced me to a little movie called Mad Max, which I immediately fell in love with. The intense, yet simple and practical car chases, the rugged cop turn vigilante who wielded a badass sawed off 12 gauge, and his signature car; The V8 Interceptor. When I found out there was two more Mad Max films I was bound and determined to find them and fantasize what the world had come to be. Upon seeing the second film, The Road Warrior. I was enthralled deeper into the Mad Max universe, better car chases, a loyal dog by his side, and the constant threat that death wasn't far behind. The Road Warrior had become my new favorite film. Then I watched Beyond Thunderdome.....if you are true fan of the Mad Max films you might be able to find a way to appreciate the movie. Being young as I was, I actually enjoyed Thunderdome. I mean its not every day you see a tiny man sitting on the shoulders of a mentally challenged giant named Blaster. But Thunderdome aside the Mad Max universe is by far one of my favorite film series.


A few years ago it came to my knowledge that George Miller was returning the Franchise with a little gem so aptly named, Mad Max Fury Road. With great anticipation I waited, and waited, and waited for this film to be released. Upon learning that Mel Gibson would not be returning as Mad Rockatansky I was badly disappointed, fearing that George Miller may throw a overhyped actor(Tom Cruise). I shudder at the thought. But then it actor that would not only fill Mel Gibsons shoes as Max, but also bring the same intensity and strength back into a slipping franchise, Tom Hardy. Not exactly a house hold name, But his perfected acting and role fitting attitude make up for little known title. Trailer after Trailer i watched with anticipation. On opening day I was there, And as i watched this awe inspiring film I could not help but think, this will be the saving grace of such an amazing concept. The Car chases where an intense thrill ride that sums up everything great about George Miller and the Mad Max Franchise. Insane fight scenes, and practical effects make up for the little dialogue that these films are known for. And personally the small dialogue between characters only reflects how distant everyone has become is such a desolate dystopian world. The main villain "Immortan Joe" is played by the excellent actor Hugh Keays-Byrne, who originally played "The Toecutter" in the first film of the series. If you have not seen the film yet i do not wish to give to much away but heres a short summary about what the films revolves around. Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) a battle stricken, one armed hell of a woman rescues several wives from the clutches of Immortan Joe, who upon discovering her plans sets out to the desert with his War Boys in pursuit of his wives. While Max (Tom Hardy) is captured by War boys and kept as a blood bag by Nux(Nicholas Hoult). He is then strapped to the front of a car and is lead into pursuit with the rest of Immortan joes warriors. After a intense battle within a deadly storm, Nux wrecks his vehicle and Max escapes somewhat unharmed, he then attempts to Hijack Imperator Furiosa's War rig and leave them behind, only to be deactivated by a special set up of her own design. And in turn Max then lets everyone go with him and they flee from Immortan Joe and his War Boys across the Dystopian Desert. Throughout the film there are some pretty wild fight scenes which will leave the viewer on the edge of there seat, and like every other Mad Max film many of the characters are killed brutally. Now even though i would not take my kid to see this movie(short gross milking boob scene that almost made me gag). If you are any bit interested in seeing this movie, GO NOW! because you will not want to miss this thrill ride of the century!


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