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This film had raised my expectations high, very high. A superb all-star cast, direction and story by India’s very own Tarantino, Anurag Kashyap, and Ranbir Kapoor, whose performance I’ll describe later on, had a look extremely similar to Robert de Niro in film-god Martin Scorsese’s brilliant sports drama, Raging Bull. Of course later I came to know the references and inspirations from Scorsese didn’t end here. Now the point is, that when my expectations with a movie, are so high, I get extremely disappointed, even at the smallest shortcoming. So, moving on to the more detailed review, of Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet…

Ranbir Kapoor has completely cemented his place as a brilliant actor, in Bollywood with this role. He makes you laugh with his antics, you find yourself hating him and loving him at the same time as a character. There are scenes where he shows complete perfection as an actor.

Karan Johar’s “debut” as the power-crazed media baron, is truly stunning. He never ceases to amaze you with his perfectly delivered dialogues, and the expressions, of a lion that simply hide the mere cat Kaizat Khambata is within. There is this particular scene, where Kaizat Khambata (Karan Johar) steps out of his room, to take a laugh. In that scene you can see why I say, Karan Johar should take up acting, though not necessarily at the expense of his directorial career, at least as long as he keep churning out flicks like “My Name is Khan“.

Satyadeep Misra, now this guy he’s been the stand out performer of the film, hands down. Kay Kay Menon was spectacular as usual. Siddhartha Basu does a good job, just like the great job he does as a Quiz Master.

Now, the production design of the film, it’s something completely different, and something very unique, powerful, and in a nutshell, mind-blowingly beautiful. I can imagine the whole effort and vision, that it’d have taken to re-create “Bombay” and I can only stand and laud Anurag Kashyap for getting this whole, beautiful idea together.

Now just one simple point. Anurag Kashyap, should stick to shoe-string budget films, the “big-budget block buster” area, it isn’t meant for him. I say this mainly, as the story of the film, was pretty weak. Although it was a beautiful idea, the seed taken from historian Gyan Prakash’s book, “Mumbai Fables”, it just had too many plot holes in it. There were times when certain ideas (I can’t describe in detail as some people fear spoilers) that were just doggedly pursued, endlessly, and unfortunately, pointlessly too. There are times when the scenes, the music just fitted in, perfectly, all in sync all ready for you to jump out of your seat and rock your head in the sheer power of the moment, but there were many more moments, when everything just seemed to go haywire!

Now, about the only dark speck, on an otherwise spotless acting performance, Anushka Sharma. The lead lady of the film had high expectations, riding on the success of PK, she was all set to deliver another stunning performance. But she just didn’t seen to ‘fit’ in the whole movie. She was supposed to be a club singer, but just two scenes from Raveena Tandon, (and as another reviewer said) you see the clear difference, between prima donna and pretender!

Now, I know the end bit of the review destroyed the expectations in your heart, but this shouldn’t stop you from going out to the theater, and enjoying the journey of Johnny Balraj becoming a “big-shot”, for this is a cinematic experience, that isn’t to be missed…….

PS. The readers who’re scratching their heads about who the guys I’m talking about in the post are, do google them, and of course if possible try to see the movie. :)


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