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Have you ever sat down to watch the latest episode of your favorite political gore-orgy and thought "Hey, this is exactly like my favorite childhood game about lovable pets?" Well I did, and that led me to realize that many of those adorable Pokemon that I spent hours training on my Game Boy color are very similar to Game of Thrones characters. Let's begin quickly before you all start to think I'm insane.

Just to be clear, I am only using Pokemon from generation 1, because I grew up with them.

Daenerys Targaryen: Dragonair

Obviously our favorite Khaleesi is a dragon, but she hasn't gotten to the point where she can truly fly yet (not fully evolved) so she is Dragonair. She is no longer the vulnerable little girl she was at the beginning of the series (Dratini) and she is now a strong, independent woman (dragon).

Viserys Targaryen: Charmander

Just as clearly as we saw Daenerys become a true dragon, we also saw Viserys descend into madness, therefore, not a dragon. He did love to pretend he was one though, a lot like Charmander, who appears strong because he will one day be a Charizard. Viserys never reached that stage though, and none of us were all that sad to see him go.

Tyrion Lannister: Pikachu

Tyrion has been on the show from the start. He isn't the strongest, but he is the most lovable and most important of all the characters. Despite the challenges he has faced, he always comes through and saves the day. He may be small, but that doesn't stop him from making a big impact.

Tywin Lannister: Gyarados

While Tywin is one of the most feared men in all Westeros, he did not have an easy time getting to the top. It took a lot of work and treachery for him to get to the top, and now that he is there, he looks upon his children and grandchildren and views them as weak, useless (Magikarp). He is scared his mantle will never be taken up by someone as strong as himself.

Lannisters: Nidoran family

The parents are big and mean looking, the kids are smaller but still have the potential to grow up as vicious as their elders. Of course the parents are clearly brother and sister, which is kind of weird, but looks to be producing weaker children. Just look at Nidorino, that is pure Joffrey through and through.

Gregor Clegane: Machamp

There have been three actors playing Gregor, the first may have resembled Onix, the second more of a Rhydon, but the third is Machamp for me. He's just trained so well that he can pick up large opponents and throw them. He is absolutely ferocious and merciless, and a little bit frightening.

Oberyn Martell: Sandslash

Dorne, the sand covered isle of Westeros, breeds some vicious warriors. They use a variety of weaponry, but all of it is equally deadly. They are confident in their abilities, perhaps overconfident, and it could be their undoing. While it takes a while for them to be introduced, they quickly become major players, none more so than Oberyn.

Margaery Tyrell: Vulpix

When I said these Game of Thrones characters resembled Pokemon, I didn't realize there were also doppelgängers in here. Margaery Tyrell is, at first glance, a beautiful girl, but she has a fiery personality that flares up when she doesn't get her way. She basically is Vulpix. The red hair, the elegance, everything about them is similar.

Sansa Stark: Goldeen

White skin, red hair, blue eyes, the expression, everything about Sansa is much the same as Goldeen. The interesting thing about Sansa is her evolution through the show, as she becomes more and more dangerous, especially through season 5. Eventually she will be an entirely different character, much more dangerous (Seaking).

Petyr Baelish: Meowth

The money grabbing Littlefinger is sly, untrustworthy and downright unlovable. His distinctive whiskers are all part of what makes him just like Meowth, the Pokemon that literally throws money at you. He is manipulative, has surprising abilities, and never allows anyone to have real power over him.

Arya Stark: Eevee

Arya is young, feisty, and full of promise. She can go in so many directions, and could take on many faces in her future. While she may seem vulnerable, she is often underestimated. She is, in fact, one of a rare breed.

Robb Stark: Growlithe

Literally "the young wolf," Robb Stark is dangerous, confident, and full of promise. He could become a legend. People naturally follow him, and he takes the responsibility on his shoulders. He could have become an Arcanaine, if not for events disrupting his evolution.

Hodor/Bran: Kangaskhan

It's a big guy, who protects the child attached to him. There is a certain relationship between Hodor and Bran that makes them like family, and there is certainly psychic power in what Bran can do with animals, and even with Hodor. It's just like Kangaskan, who furiously defends it's child, and can also use psychic abilities.

So what do you think? Are these characters similar or what?


Which pairing was your favorite?


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