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Big fan of Deadpool and The Flash. I watch alot of Movies and love DC and Marvel. I just don't really keep up with the comics that much.
Costä Alfed

YES ! Supergirl's pilot leaks online !

After only few days since the series first footage was unveiled last Wednesday, May 13, High-quality (up to 1080p HD) copies of the pilot for CBS drama “Supergirl” — which wasn't set to air until November — apparently leaked onto file-sharing and torrent sites early Friday (shortly before 3 a.m to be precise). Which makes it available for fans to watch almost 6 mounths earlier than they were expecting!

I just watched it, and it was super dope! Sure, it wasn't as cool and well done as The Flash's Pilot was, but it sure was much better than i expected after seeing the Trailer!

Here's the trailer by the way in case you missed it!


Will you watch Supergirl's "Super"fast Pilot ?


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