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The pilot episode of Supergirl is....really great and fun! Whoever made that first look trailer did not do the pilot episode justice as the trailer made the show seem like it was going to be more "girly-girl" than The Flash and Arrow, when in fact, this has the exact same tone as The Flash where both men and women can enjoy the series.

The pilot beings with Kara Zor-El as she is sent to Earth to protect baby Kal-El, as she is about 12 years older than Kal-El. On the way to Earth, Kara's ship is sent off-course due to a shock-wave from Krypton's destruction and she is sent to the Phantom Zone for 24 years before finally arriving to Earth. By this time, Kal-El is already Superman and gives Kara to foster parents (who you will recognize from Superman lore) as she has not aged while being in the Phantom Zone.

As an adult, Kara has had to hide her powers for fear that she could be discovered, but has no choice to reveal herself after her foster sister is in danger. Along the episode, we learn that Alex, Kara's foster sister is more than she seems, which works great alongside Kara. After several costume changes, Kara takes on her first super-villain, The Lumberjack. There is a story as to how the super-powered villains arrive on Earth, which connect to Kara.

The introduction to supporting characters like Cat Grant, played by Callista Flockhart and Winslow Schott, played by Jeremy Jordan are good and bring some light-hearted comedy and personality to the episode, but it is James Olsen, played by Mehcad Brooks, that really gives the episode a sort of edge as the man who knows and befriended Superman, only to wind up befriending his cousin and watching over her for him, as well as being that connection between Superman and Supergirl, since I highly doubt we will see Superman in the series.

By the end of the episode, we learn that there is much more to the villain than we think as the after-credit scene will explain a bigger plot going on with the villains and how they connect to Kara and her mother. The episode was great and you get to connect with Melissa Benoist as Supergirl as you would with Grant Gustin as The Flash. The special effects need a bit more work, but all in all, a great start for the first solo female superhero series on television.

Supergirl pilot episode gets an 8/10.


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