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Poltergeist, the remake of the 1982 horror movie by the same name, ingeniously re-invents one of the horror genre's most iconic films in history, and the film does it justice. All of the original feature's elements can be found in the new adaptation, with modern twists and new ways to convey the same scenes in order to still give the audience a fresh, unique experience. The film makes for a great date-night thrill, or a hangout with the friends. So without further ado, I present to you the top 6 terrors of the 2015's Poltergeist.

#6: The Sink

In the original Poltergeist movie, the dad takes a bite out of some meat to find it filled with worms, then rushes to bathroom to clean out his mouth, only to look up to the mirror to find his face falling apart before his very eyes, and then realizing it was only an illusion. The remake remasters this scene when the father, having realized some of the paranormal events in the house, steps to the kitchen sink for a moment with the alcohol, needing a moment to soak in all the madness happening around the house. At first it seems like it was bad alcohol as he begins to gag and spit it out in the sink, only to find worms. Having cleared out his mouth of the filth, the father spots himself in the reflection of the sink faucet, watching in horror as his face begins to fall off.

#5: The TV

Poltergeist (1982) had our young Carol Anne crawl out of bed to find a ghastly hand come floating out of the bedroom TV to her, before an earthquake-like event shakes the house and wakes the family, before she turns to them and declares the famous line "They're coming." 2015's Poltergeist character Madison Bowen repeats the scene in an ominous way, with Madison slipping downstairs to the family TV and placing her hand upon the screen, when suddenly a hand on the other side comes to place its hand on the other side of hers, as if the TV screen is acting as a glass wall between the world of the living and "the other side". Better yet, the new version takes things a step further when suddenly more hands begin to press their own hands against the screen. The electronics begin going crazy in the house, and the family comes downstairs, with Madison delivering the famous line.

#4: The Closet

The Bowens, upon arrival, are unable to get a closet door open. Being one of the few jump scares towards the beginning of the film, the father, Eric, actually breaks the knob off in an attempt to get into the closet. This would be the first and only time anyone would be trying to get in the closet. Little did Eric know he'd be spending the rest of the experience trying to get the ones he loves out.

More modernized technologies in the film include the use of a smartphone, and an electronic battery-powered toy keyboard, with the most interesting and equally terrifying being a helicopter with a camera attached to it. When Madison goes missing, her brother Griffin takes his flying camera into the closet (AKA the doorway to the other side), which reveals a mirrored world of the Bowen's new house, only this time it's completely dark and filled with the dead crawling on every wall, ceiling, and floor of the domain. Fortunately, the movie doesn't over-use the technique of suspending the audience only to be freaked out by a jump scare, with this scene just being one of pure terror.

#3: The Drill

When the Bowens call in the paranormal experts, it appears as if even they aren't ready for the terror the house has in store. When Boyd goes to investigate a seemingly normal closet to him, and discovers some inconsistencies in the wall, he decides to take a power drill to the wall. However, when he does, the drill goes straight through the wall, chord and all, along with his entire arm, which gets stuck (because in horror movies, everyone trips and everyone gets stuck). The rest of the scene can be described pretty well by the photo above. The impending doom of what's undoubtedly about to happen to Boyd had people in the theater curled up into balls, or in the case of me and my plus one, wrapped around each other like long-armed Velcro monkeys.

#2: The Clown

As we round the bend to the final two top terrors, surely you could've guessed the iconic red-nosed clown would be in the tops. When young Griffin decides to explore the house, he discovers a string with a red ball attached to the end. With a little yank, down come the clown dolls. Still, this isn't the only time this nosy nightmare gets gross. When Hell almost literally starts breaking loose, Griffin finds the red nose in his room, and the string slowly pulls itself back to the clown doll, before it finally clicks into place on its face, and the rest you'll have to see in theaters.

#1: The Squirrel

Yes, indeed the scariest part of the movie is the squirrel. I'm not kidding. No, the squirrel isn't some white rabbit off of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but at the two most inopportune of times, the rodent pops up and scares the obscenities out of you. The squirrel adds to both comedy development in the family dynamic, making it a thrill that is important to more than just one character in the movie like the clown. The two brief appearances have me convinced that the Squirrels horror movie might not actually be the world's next Sharknado film.

POLTERGEIST is in theaters TODAY, so go get your tickets for a great film.


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