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Enter the world of the Greenlands, a small section of Battleworld which is inhabited by nothing but the Hulks. Enter the world of the Arena, where combatants fight it out for the amusement of God-Doom under the watchful eye of Sheriff Strange and Arcade. This is the world of Planet Hulk, the next chapter in the giant crossover epic event known as Secret Wars. But, unlike the other crossovers that have come out already for this set, this one features characters we should already know, but none of them are the characters we are used to. That, in itself, makes this first part by Humphries and Pak even better.

Humphries delivers a straightforward but engaging opening issue that clearly establishes the conflict and the stakes for Steve's quest. We begin the adventure with a new version of Steve Rogers, who is a old WWII vet who had teamed up with Bucky Barnes to combat the Nazis(we assume). But, then Battleworld happened and his old friend has disappeared. Forced to combat in the arena with his red dinosaur(Devil Dinosaur) for the amusement of Doom, he sets off on a plan of action to get his friend back. But, under the eyes of a God, this plan backfires quickly and instead he is at the mercy of Doom. The quest is to stop the characters from Greenland who are working with other parts of Battleworld, something we learned in Secret Wars #2 is a big "no-no". If Rogers succeeds, he will be a free man and have his friend back. If he fails, well, he would be dead anyway. People may complain that not much happens in the pages of Planet Hulk #1 or that the action beats are few and far between, but not all stories need constant battle to feel important or engaging. Planet Hulk #1 is printed proof of just that. Everything that does happen in this issue is engaging and also sets up what is coming next. We see just about all the Hulks that we are used to, plus a new version of Doc Green who may or may not be the Banner that we expect him to be. Mysteries are around and action is sure to follow. Plus, an excellent back-up story shows us very quickly how this small nation became a world for the Hulks. I give this comic a 8 out of 10 and feel it's an excellent addition to the world of Secret Wars.


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