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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Second Age by some, and Age yet to come, and Age long past, a wind rose over the city of Paaran Disen. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.

Wow, just writing that gave me chills. The Wheel of Time has been the epitome of epic fantasy since book one, The Eye of the World, was first released on November 5th 1990; it has completely captivated a world audience and helped to redefine and reshape the entire fantasy genre. You'd be very hard pressed to find a fantasy or science fiction aficionado who Hasn't read these books; or, at the very least, have heard about them from everyone they know. Since epic fantasy makes Billions of dollars at the box office, it would seem like a no brainer to turn those books into movies. The problem is everyone thinks that Rand al'Thor's story is the only story that can be transitioned into a movie in the WoT universe. So, that is what the people over at Red Eagle Entertainment have been trying to do-who own the movie rights to this franchise. The only WoT video they've been able to produce was the absolutely worthless "Winter Dragon", which aired at 1:30 am on FXX.

Why is this all we've gotten? Because it's IMPOSSIBLE to turn the WoT books into movies. The only medium they Might work on would be a form of Anime, if that. 14 books, over 13,000 pages long, spanning only 2 1/2 years; to say the absolute least. What could we possibly do to see The Wheel of Time universe explode onto the silver screen? When I first heard that the rights were purchased and someone was trying to transition the books to movies, I was Horrified! I didn't want someone to half ass the greatest fantasy epic ever written. They needed to be stopped, but how? I decided if they had a better idea than ruining these books, maybe they wouldn't ruin the books? I mean, There are Plenty of stories to be told. I racked my brain trying to uncover a hidden story in the WoT universe that will play well on Film without insulting the books... Then it hit me.

Rand al'Thor's story is over, but what about Lews-Therin's? We need 4 movies about Lews-Therin Telamon: The Age of Legends and the War of the Power!

The Legendary Dragon Banner.
The Legendary Dragon Banner.

That's right, you heard me, 4 movies. Not a Trilogy, not a drawn out movie series... Just 4. Allow me to explain. For hundreds of years, grand musical Symphonies always followed the Rule of 4, or rather, they used 4 movements. For example, if one were to compose a symphony about the battle between heaven and hell, it would be as follows:

  • Movement 1: This movement will be dedicated to Humanity. Using the Flute as the main instrument.
  • Movement 2: This movement will be Heaven's movement, using grand Trumpets and Violins as their main instruments.
  • Movement 3: The symphony gets dark. Very dark. This is Hell's movement. Chellos and Trombones will be the main instrument.
  • Movement 4: THEY FIGHT! The battle between good and evil, culminating in a beautiful flute solo that pierces the war and brings meaning to why we fight in the first place.

The Age of Legends would play in Perfectly with this model.

Cover art for book 14.
Cover art for book 14.

The first movie would set up the would set up the WoT universe for the audience. Picture the planet Coruscant from Star Wars, only without electricity. Everything is operated with the One Power. The world is at peace, and has been for thousands of years. War was only a word in the history books. Knowledge and Education were the driving forces of humanity. It was Paradise. Then one day, a new Power is found, and the Bore is created. Bad things are about to happen, but what kind of bad things?

Second movie, we start a resistance against the people who have started to sell their soul. Lews Therin is doing well. With his most trusted advisers by his side, it would appear that nothing could go wrong and he doesn't understand why people are selling their souls in the first place. Things are revealed, and we meet the Forsaken, only not the 13 surviving Forsaken. There are Dozens of them, each with an unknown identity. Lews Therin relies heavily on the help from his closest friends and advisers.

Third movie, everything goes wrong. It's his most trusted friends and advisers who are the champions of the Forsaken. They have been leading Lews Therin by the nose and using him to advance their plans. Mistakes are made. Balefire is used to destroy whole cities. The Forsaken deal a serious blow as all hell breaks lose. Hope is well and truly lost.

Fourth movie... The Hundred Companions, the Taint, and the Breaking of the World!

We need an Epic Tragedy, and there's none better than the failure of Lews-Therin!

I want more than anything to go into intimate detail about my plans for these movies, but I don't want to spoil too much. For now, lets just talk about the idea and get the conversation away from the books. These movies need to be made to ensure those books remain untarnished.


What do you think? Age of Legends, or no movies at all?


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