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We all know and love the X-Men, the merry mutants who fight evil in a world that hates them. Most of them were recruited by Professor Charles Xavier, whose goal was to create a world where humans and mutants could coexist in peace. We know Professor X traveled far and wide to create his team, but what if he found these particular 'mutants' to join the Uncanny X-Men?

Let's play a game of Movie Mash-Up, with an All-New All-Different group of 'Gifted Youngsters'.

Carrie White from Carrie

What if Professor X discovered Carrie instead of Jean Grey? This red-head telekinetic would've been a handful. Religious issues, an erratic mother and low self-esteem. She would have a hard time adjusting to the school, but I think she would come around. BTW, could you imagine Carrie as the Phoenix?

Jeremy Reed from Powder

Jeremy Reed (Powder) is a powerful empath, who possesses the ability to controls an electromagnetic charge. Powder also has low-level telepathic abilities as well. I'm sure if he was discovered by Xavier, Jeremy would fit right in.

Walter Johnson from Tales From The Hood

In the tale, Boys Do Get Bruised, Walter discovers that he has the odd ability to play with reality, or reality warping. He's in the ranks of Franklin Richards. In the right hands, he could save the world, but in the wrong hands, we all could be f**ked. Hopefully, Xavier could teach him how to control his powers.

Kristen Parker from A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors

Kristen's powers are unique. She can bring anyone into or out of dreams. Not sure how that could be effective in most battles, but with the proper tutelage Kristen could be a powerful team member.

Eugene from Ratboy

Folks may not remember the film, Ratboy, but for what it's worth the story wasn't so bad. Eugene was a 'mutant' living in a city dump in Los Angeles. Eugene doesn't have special powers, but he could learn a lot living in the X-Mansion. I could see him being a friend to Artie and Leech.

Anthony from The Twilight Zone: The Movie

Both versions of "It's a Wonderful Life," always freaked me out! But the 1983 remake of this story stuck with me. You have Anthony, a kid who can do whatever the frak he wants to do with his mind. Like Walter, he can warp reality, but his powers seem to be at omega-levels. Anthony would need Charles to keep him check. Hell, this kid's powers alone could create a House of M or Age of Apocalypse.

Charlie McGee from Firestarter

Charlie's a powerful pyrokinetic and a low-level psychic. The havoc she pulled at the end of the film screams for Xavier's help.


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