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Warning: minor spoilers for this Fall's Supergirl pilot.

Remember last summer when The Flash pilot leaked online? People thought the show would be terrible, but when that happened people's opinions changed drastically. Guess what? It's happened again. Though it's not (currently) part of the CWverse (the shared universe of shows like Arrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow), it is being run by Greg Berlanti, who works on all three of the CW's DC shows. So, now that it has leaked (and I have seen it), I wanted to talk about the things I saw in this episode, and why my opinion has changed (ever so slightly) about the way this show is being presented.

It's Basically Everything We Saw In The Trailer

Yeah, that's exactly it. The only difference is more dialogue, more action, a fuller explanation of how Kara (played by Melissa Benoist) came to Earth, the fight (two of them) between her and Vartox (an alien spin DC's Z-list villain known as The Lumberjack...who doesn't actually have an origin. Maybe this will affect the character if he ever shows up in comics again), and setting up more for the future, with the revelation that the leader of these aliens (who are, most likely, from Krypton just like her) is Allura Zor El's (Kara's birth mom's) sister.

Calm Down People: The Pilot is not bad. The trailer made it look a bit too cheesy for many people's tastes, but it's not that bad at all.

People thought that this show would be extremely cheesy and would be bogged down by unnecessary and annoying dialogue. It's not. To be completely honest, this show is not even as cheesy as The Flash or Arrow (which is a great show, but, especially in Season 3, takes itself too seriously). That's why I am excited for Season 4, because it might just bring us the swashbuckling Green Arrow comic fans know and love...well, before the New 52 took that away. Don't worry, Lemire's run was still really good). The plot moved forward well. People shouldn't be criticizing the show's light hearted tone (which is funny, considering those are the same people who criticize the DC movies' dark tone). The real problem is that, just like Arrow, it seems the movies are trying too hard to be dark. However, the DCCU isn't even up and running yet, so I'm reserving judgement. It does it well, and it doesn't force it at all. To be honest, this show does the tone much better than even The Flash, so I have to give them credit (because that show is freaking awesome. Did you see the finale? It was great). However, I have one serious question:

Did DC TV Leak This On Purpose?

Now, please give me a minute to explain myself. I think this is very possible. You see, with The Flash, people were really on the fence with it when the trailer came out. Some people were buying it. Some people thought it was a bit too cheesy. Some people thought that it was a movie, only to find out that it was a TV show. Then the pilot leaked online. Many people changed their opinions after seeing it, and the show was much better received (and got more viewers) because of it. And look where that show is at now:

So I do think that it was done to at least hype up the Supergirl TV show, and to make more people interested in the Girl of Steel. I actually don't think CBS did this on purpose, but you should never rule it out as a possibility.

Wrapping Up...

I think this show will be really good. The tone is done very well, the acting doesn't seem forced, the story seems like it will be following the "villain of the week" model, but what's fine about that is that it works for DC. I think people should not hate on this, because, if you bother enough to compare, you know this is of the same formula as The Flash, and might just end up being as beloved as the aforementioned show. I'm very optimistic for the future, as I can't wait to see more of our Girl Of Steel.


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