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In 1984, Marvel placed us in the world of Secret Wars, a giant 12 part storyline that pitted hero against villain for the future of the universe. We all know how it ended. Doom was defeated, the heroes were returned to Earth and Spidey got a really cool black costume. But, what if there was someone behind the scenes that helped to get the victory for Captain America and the rest of the heroes. What if someone else was there the whole time, but for whatever reason, we just never saw them. Well, Deadpool was there and now we get to see what part he played in this epic event. No, it's not a Secret Wars crossover, but it is a Secret Wars crossover. Enter the world of Battleworld 1984 and a crossover event that is 31 years in the making.

Now, this comic is a hard book to review. For one thing, I am not a huge Deadpool fan, but I do enjoy some of his limited series. His main book was a bore for me, but I did laugh here and there. But, at the same time, I was a huge fan of Secret Wars in 1984, and it was actually one of the first comics I ever read. It brings back great memories, and those memories are seen in this comic. To truly enjoy it, you must sit back and look at the panels and the art between the two books, and witness the comparison between them. The dialogue is the same. The "sets" are the same. The story hasn't even been changed. Watch as Deadpool saves the life of Captain America during one of the opening battles. Watch as he says exactly who he is, but he was standing behind the Thing in that scene so we, as readers, couldn't see him in the original story. Watch as he pokes fun at what is to come. It's just that. It's fun and can't be taken seriously, which is why this was a great comic to read. This comic is literally the first few issues of the original Secret wars with Deadpool inserted into the book. By inserted, I mean its still the same with Deadpool just talking to characters while the dialogue stays pretty much the same. In addition, we have a mini-story which focuses on characters from the 80's in the final round of Contest of Champions. If this doesn't make you smile at seeing the original Howard the Duck, Frog-man, a female Man-Thing and the Rocket Racer, then nothing will. Let me make this clear. This comic is for the older fan. New fans may not enjoy this book and probably won't even understand some of the jokes in it that Cullen Bunn delivers to us. But, as an older fan, I enjoyed this greatly. Bring on the next issue. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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