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Doomsday is one of the most powerful characters in comics history , but ther are some characters that are way powerful than him and can easly deafeat him ! This list is not in order just to let you know .

Number 05 : Superman

Thought that Doomsday beat Superman once , but he was never able to kill him . And because superman is not a killer , he had to send him to another univers . Knowing that Superman can hardly defeat Doomsday but not kill him.

Number 04 : the Hulk

The Hulk and Doomsday are known to have a simular power . People can not figure out who would actiuly win in a fight but the vots are with The Hulk !

Number 03 : Darkesied

Darksied is one of the most powerful enemies to the Justice League . And he's the leader of planet Apocalyps . He has a massive force that can defanetly defeat Doomsday and put him to the ground !

Number 02 : Thanos

Thanos is one of the most powerful enemies of The Avengers , he's harde to beat even by all The Avengers and would be able to defeat Doomsday easly !

Number 01 : Galactus

Also one of the Avengers strongest enemies . He's the planets distroyer , and will defanatly defeat Doomsday .

In comics Doomsday cannot be killed , but he can be defeated ! And ther's many other characters that can defeat him beside these five ! So leave your opinion in the comments .


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