ByShawn Skinner, writer at

To me you cannot 100% blame video games for violent behavior in our youths today, I believe you cannot honestly say that it is equally shared between Video Games and Movies and Television; yes they do share at least 25% of the blame each but that leaves 25% out of the total 100% that I believe lands squarely on the shoulders of parents who either do not monitor what kids play or watch, or simply do not care. They also do not sit their children down and explain to them that in real society the actions from these games and programs are unacceptable, and that there are consequences to these actions; so if the parents do not step up children or young adults may think "Well they didn't say anything so it must be alright!". Children cannot be left to make their own judgements or decisions on things like this, Parental Guidence is and always has been needed to avoid children and young adults from seeing violence and thinking its ok; they need the guidance to know what is right and what is wrong.


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