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The Supergirl pilot will come out officially this Fall on CBS. As you can guess from the title, the show will be centered around Kara, Clark's cousin. She gets held back in the Phantom Zone and by the time she arrives on Earth, Superman is a legend and she is only a teen.

The pilot then cuts to her being a young adult, working a crappy job with a bitchy boss, where she meets Jimmy Olsen. By now, of course, Olsen knows Superman and has the picture to prove it. His exact words as he shows Kara a photo that won a Pulitzer, "Little secret; he actually posed for that." Good for you Jimmy. Good for you.

Then there's the best friend who she tells her secret to--even though he doesn't believe her at first. Then suddenly, he's hacking and listening to police radios--great timing dude, there just happens to be all these crimes. The crush on her is obvious to of course everyone but her. With her crush on Olsen I definitely smell a love triangle. GAG.

The only new real spin is that her sister (by association only of course) works for a top secret organization that deals with aliens and such. Then, they clue her in about the evil aliens that came out of the prison previously occupying space and that she brought them along with her. GASP. Now of course, they're going to need her help to stop all the bad, evil guys who want to get revenge on her mother. Poor girl.

The cinematic style and music was actually not bad at all. It was probably the best thing about the episode in truth. The acting was mediocre and at times, not very believable and exaggerated. This show could have a lot more potential if they changed, well, almost everything about it. The plot sometimes gets lost in cheesy moments between the characters and you have the need to fast forward to the good parts.

In truth, nothing can beat Smallville, but props to CBS for trying.

You can watch the trailer below, but be warned that you're watching 90% of the first episode also. Don't forget to take the poll below and let me know your feelings on the new show.


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