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I was watching Game of Thrones last Sunday, and the end was devastating. Here is a funny thing, in the book, Ramsay Bolton marries a fake Arya Stark not Sansa. Talking about a gross deviation. Of course, I figured it would deviate and include some of the characters where they would be somewhere else in the book. Also in the books, while Ramsay is twisted, he was forbade by his father to use Greyjoy in this manner, which he ignored. He is the replacement for Joffrey. It shows what the despotic and depraved mind given power can achieve.

Yes, in the book, Ramsay made Theon watch, but of course he makes Theon watch all of his exploits, because it was his character. He is a depraved sado-masochist with father issues, just like every other bastard in the series. He made Theon his dog in all contexts. But in the books Theon was prematurely aged due to the flaying and torture that he endured. Did he deserve it? Well, I have to hand it to George Martin, he handled the karma rather well, because the Arrogant Greyjoy had earned it. Every bit of it. It is more graphic in the books.

I have read all of the books so far in the series, and there was a lot of material left out, that could have been included in the series. Obviously there must be a poetic license clause for HBO because Martin is taking his sweet time about finishing the books. The last two books are being written at the same time, that is why it is taking Mr. Martin a long time. As he is editing, re-editing and adding more material. I bet his publisher is chomping at the bit, because of the immense popularity of the books. Fans are crying because he keeps killing off favorite characters. The Winds of WInter is long overdue, and the only reason why Mr. Martin is getting away with it is because of the popularity of the books and the show.

Trust me read the books, and you will realize how much has been left out of the series, as they are only following a general outline now and not the actual book. Hopefullly Mr. Martin finishes the book series before he dies.

I have noticed there are a lot of abhorrence to the religious overtones, violence, sex, rape and cruelty in the series. Some say that it goes against the Christian anti-violence creed. Well sorry, I have to agree with the critics, Abrahamistic religions were and are very violent because of the factual evidence. The only Abrahamistic religion that I can actually say was tolerant of other religions was Islam. It is fact that the Ottoman Empire allowed other sects and religions to exist but not embraced. Jews and Christians were not persecuted, at least not to the extent these two aforementioned religions did to other religions. Can we say Inquisition? How about Missionaries who spread the word of God by the sword under the guise of peaceful ministry and under the belief that everybody must become "civilized" as envisioned by the Empirical European Mindset? The Faith Militant in the Books is a reflection of what can happen if you give fanatics too much power or return power to them. But I will not explain much further as this would become a spoiler and all I would have to say is read the books.

But I digress. Yes this show is violent, and the sexual content tends to be violent and graphic. Why do we watch? because our society has become soft in our march to progress. This show's popularity has satisfied our innate craving for violence and taboo sex. We want to see death and know that it is fake however realistic it may be, because we don't want to know what is actually going on in the world. It shows how cruel our natures could be if put in a similar culture. It shows the possible extreme in human cruelty, and we are mesmerized by it. We have been to desensitized to the world to know what is going on in the world.

This show is just that, a television show albeit a gripping over the edge television show that HBO, Cinemax and Stars are known for. I would suggest the books, but unfortunately in our world, we have digressed from using books as tools for our imagination and depend on the video medium to tell us what it should be like and what it should look like. But if you want spoilers, the missing material and how they changed some of the things to serve their needs, read all of the books as I really do highly recommend them.

As for Ramsay Bolton? Yes, he is the new villain that you love to hate and want to kill off. I personally want to send him to a cellblock of undergratified convicts and make sure he gets his just desserts. If you follow the line of the story through the television series it does loosely follow the books thus far. I use the term "loosely" loosely. Why do you think they put Sansa in WInterfell when in the books she is elsewhere. Yet, you have to like Martin's style of poetic justice for what he did to Theon Greyjoy. A broken dog who is no more ironborn than you or I, who in the end got his just desserts.

Speaking of Bastards trying to live up to their father's ideals and expectations, it seems Jon Snow is in a rock and a hard place. He blindly follows his ideals like his father, but I am afraid it will be his undoing, even though he was offered to be made a Stark and offered WInterfell, he blindly felt that his duty and honor to the Nightswatch was far more important than revenge. Mr. Martin has a habit of killing off honest and trustworthy characters which I am sure will continue.

I think as I am writing my book, I will get it all wrote down like I and my friends do for NaNoWriMo contest, and then edit it, expand it and flesh out the book or books. I am sure that Mr. Martin has done so, and now he is just fleshing out the ending. Be patient, my fellow GoT Fans, I am sure it will come out right in the end. Unless, he dies of course.

I hope you have enjoyed this, and hope for content discussion and good comments. Again I encourage you to read the books, it will fill in the cracks so to speak.


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