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After touching a mysterious pin, Casey Newton is magically transported to a futuristic world. She wishes to learn more about her visions and seeks out the help of Frank Walker, a crotchety old man who has a rough history with the world known as 'Tomorrowland'.

Director Brad Bird transitioned from his excellent work at Pixar with The Incredibles and Ratatouille to live action in 2011 with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and proved he excels in both worlds of film making, but does he succeed with his original Sci-Fi film Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland is a film I've been eagerly anticipating for some time now and whilst it's not as jaw dropping as I initially expected, its a very good time at the movies.

Britt Robertson (The Longest Ride) stars as Casey Newton, a curious and intelligent teenager who after being arrested discovers a mysterious pin with the letter T on it. After touching the pin she is instantly transported to a world of awe and wonder. Robertson is fantastic as the lead here, full of charisma and undeniably lovable. Her instant chemistry with Hollywood A-Lister George Clooney (Gravity) is one of the films brightest aspects. Along with Casey and Frank is a young girl named Athena whose role I won't spoil. Raffey Cassidy who plays Athena did a great job and has a very deep friendship with Clooney's character that acts as the films emotional point.

Clooney is fantastic here, really going against type and playing a character we've never seen him tackle before. Frank Walker is irritable, easily frustrated but as Clooney always is, admirable.

Tomorrowland is yet another film based on a Disneyland attraction but only in title and concept alone, this is an original story and all the better for it. When Disney created Tomorrowland, they wanted that to be the area of the park that is constantly being improved upon and the film uses those sensibilities of innovation and aspiration to craft its themes.

The incredible action and adventure is only improved upon by Michael Giacchino's magnificent musical score.

Like the character of Casey, the world of Tomorrowland fills us with awe, the visual spectacle of this futuristic world is truly remarkable, but unfortunately we don't see enough of it. A lot of Tomorrowland takes place on Earth in modern times and whilst I loved those parts of the film, I wanted to see more of the world we've been teased so much about.

Brad Bird's direction is solid here, and whilst it's not as good as his earlier works, Tomorrowland is yet another success for the director, for the most part anyway. He wants the audience to use their imagination, feel inspired by his film and live life to it's fullest, but in the finale, these messages are spoon fed to the audience and it felt preachy.

For the majority of the film, everything was great, it was fun, humorous and exciting. But the films third act takes a detour, the messages became a bit too heavy handed and the reveal....just wasn't all that surprising. But this being said, all that falls under the final 20 minutes, the rest is an absolute joy to watch.

Tomorrowland feels like a classic Disney film, with retro futuristic visions of a better tomorrow, curious and imagination filled characters and an almost never ending sense of fascination. The movie will have worked equally as well if it were animated.

Whilst Tomorrowland isn't the complete package, mainly because of its final act, it's still an incredibly entertaining and surprisingly humor filled action-adventure movie that is great fun for people of all ages to enjoy.

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