ByMatthew Luke Brady, writer at
Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

This movie has a lot of positive reviews from critics, and I don't know why? to me this movie was a big pile of shit.

The Riot Club is about the two first-year Oxford University students, Miles and Alistair, join the institution's infamous "dining club" - where money and privilege reign and rules are made to be broken.

Now I'm going to dive in straight away why I really dislike this movie and why on earth this movie got a positive reaction to people.

The character in this movie have to be the most despicable, rude, A- holes in a movie history. I hated every single one of them in this movie, I wish those A-holes will get death at the end and I was extremely disappointing that it didn't happen. I liked the actors but not the character's.

The movie itself has nothing to give if it's interesting or remember-able. Boring and dull is what this movie gives to us and I think the directing and the writing has something to do with it. 7.9 out of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes really? well they give sharknado a 8.2 out of 100% so what the hell, and yeah you be thinking that I'm viewing this movie by it's rating, but people are going to look the rating and "Hmm should be good",I just hate that a bad movie that doesn't even try get's a high rating and better movie that always get overlooked get the low rating or nobody see it at all.

Now for the good: The acting was good, the way the film is shot was pretty neat. And that's it, this movie blows.


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