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"Tomorrowland" stars George Clooney and Britt Robertson as two people trying to save the Earth from destruction. Clooney and Robertson's chemistry is great as both actors are able to stand out in their respective roles. Clooney is an inventor who whom we are introduced to as a child in the first 10-15 minutes of the movie, while Robertson is someone who loves to learn how things work in the world around her. The characters work and their comedic interactions flow nicely with the movie. Raffey Cassidy does well as Athena, a robot who's job it is to recruit new people for Tomorrowland. She provides a fair amount of dry humor and is an interesting character, mainly in regards to her relationship with Frank as a child. Seeing Clooney and her interact is a delight and they play off of each other effectively.

Something the film does well is give a grand sense of wonder to the world of Tomorrowland. From the first time we see the world with Frank as a child to Casey's first experience as a teenager, the sense of awe never leaves the screen as the world is presented in a spectacular fashion. Thomas Robinson, who plays the young Frank Walker, delivers his profound joy at this futuristic world and I honestly was wishing for a film devoted to his time in Tomorrowland which would dive deeper into his relationship with Athena. It would have given some of the scenes towards the end a bit more emotion had the audience been familiar with these two character's histories going in.

The first hour of this film is great. We are introduced to these character really well and the levels of both action, comedy, and mystery always stay balanced. Seeing the Tomorrowland technology used in this world was neat and done well, especially when we get to see Frank's house and all of the cool gadgets he has. The second half of the film, however, is lacking some of the wonder and charm the first half brought to the screen, diving into typical plot sequences in an ultimately less bright and colorful world than the audience was originally promised. While its not terrible by any means, with Hugh Laurie's persona stealing many of the scenes he's in, including one long speech about humanity's steering towards the apocalypse, it ultimately loses the sense of wonder which drew me into the film itself.

The special effects in the film look great. Many of the scenes featuring Tomorrowland are done with flawless CGI and look fantastic on an IMAX screen. I never noticed any issues with the special effects as many of them looked about as realistic as one could imagine them to be.

"Tomorrowland" is an interesting beast. I left the theater happy that I saw it as it delivered a grand sense of wonder and awe, but I was also wishing for a second half which delivered that same sense of wonder and built on it even further. The ending left room for a sequel if the initial film does well enough and I would go and see it purely out of curiosity. Ultimately, I did enjoy the film; I was just expecting something different going in.

But those are my thoughts. Leave yours in the comments below!

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