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Now hear me out before you start insulting myself or this idea. As you can see by my icon (if it is the same as it was as of 5/22/15) Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader is my favorite character from the Star Wars Saga. But if the prequel haters (the people that say Episodes 1-3 add nothing to the story of Star Wars, and "Don't exist") had things their way, how evil would Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith really be? Not that much, if we look at the events of Episodes 4, 5, and 6 only and not the Expanded Univese (which most Prequel haters also don't like as well) Darth Vader wasn't that bad of a guy, just a soldier following orders who eventually turned against his master to save his child. Becoming more of an anti-hero.

In Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope (The First film to be released in theaters) Darth Vader does as follows.

1) Boards a enemy ship, telling all his soldiers to only shoot their blasters (guns) on stun, and the Rebels (the heroes of the story) shoot their blasters to kill.

2) Vader kills one man (Chocking him and then tossing him aside) because he did not tell Vader were the stolen plans for the Death Star were being kept on the ship.

3) Vader then, after missing for some point of the film shows up, kills another man, choking him once again. But this time with the Force.

4) Vader stands by and watches his boss (General Tarkin) blow up a planet, he didn't push the button, or give the order. Vader just stood still and acted like a good soldier.

6) Vader then kills a man who was on the governments most wanted list for the last 20 years. (Obi-Wan) But with this only being established in Episode 3 you can't give this to his credit. So Darth Vader killed an Old Man who he hated in a far duel.

5) Vader then (after missing for another chunk of the film) pilots a ship in a Dog Fight with his enemies, which, when you look at it from a political point of view, or even Vaders, the Rebels are terrorists. To which the Rebels (Luke, the 'hero' of the film in particular) cause more deaths in the battle than Vader had the entire movie.

Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

1) Vader leads an assault on the Rebel base on the snow planet of Hoath. (He doesn't kill anyone on screen so he doesn't at all)

2) Vader is then told by the Emperor that his son is alive and leading the Rebellion (not in some many words, but with enough gusto that allowed for the shocking reveal of Vader being Anakin at the end)

3) Vader, then goes missing for more of the film and then reappears to higher bounty hunters to hunt down the terrorist, I mean the films Heroes.

4) Then after going missing for more of the film, he reappears in a sitting position and stops Han Solo (another one of the Rebels) from shooting him and takes his weapon from him without harm.

5) After Han is 'tortured' by medical professionals, which in reality when you look at Harrison Ford (actor who played Han) in the scenes after this, he looks 100% so from the looks of it, the torture consisted of making the man sweat.

6) Vader imprisons one of his enemies in carbanite. Han is alive, and in the next installment of the franchise all this does is cause Han to be blind for a few hours.

7) Vader fights Luke

7) Now this is when Vader does something actually bad, in a battle with his Son (Luke) he cuts off his son's hand.

8) Vader tries to convince Luke to see things the way he does, but Luke believes Vader is evil and would rather die than join his Father.

9) Vader talks to Luke through the Force

Star Wars Episode 6: the Return of the Jedi

1) Vader meets the Emperor when he arrives at the hanger when he comes to see how the Death Star 2 is being built.

woops, this is a behind the scenes photo
woops, this is a behind the scenes photo
dam, I messed up again
dam, I messed up again

(Now here we go. Practical Effects, paint. The 80' version of Pixels)

2) Vader sense his Son is on board a ship, lets the enemy ship pass through their blockade so that he can capture Luke. But, no search party or anything is dispatched to find the boy. Vader waits for Luke to come to him.

3) Vader takes Luke up to the Death Star 2 and fights with his son after the Emperor manipulates Luke enough with his words to make Luke angry and he strikes the Emperor and Vader defends his master and the leader of the government.

4) Vader does his best to keep Luke at bay and even uses words to make his son angry and even turn his own feelings against him. This makes Luke angry enough to use his Lightsaber to cut off Vader's hand and then Vader falls to the ground and lays there.

5) Vader gets up and watches as the Emperor attacks Luke with lightning.

6) Vader kills the Emperor and turns on everything he believes in to save his son.

7) Vader dies redeeming himself for what he had become.

So from what the character Darth Vader, and later disclosed as Anakin Skywalker does in the films is not very evil, yet most people put him on the top of their list for the badest of the bad, worst villains to ever grace the silver screen. But why? In the theaters when the films were first shown, the only people Vader scared were the kids. These kids grew up to be the prequel haters who still look at these first three Star Wars films (Episodes 4, 5, and 6) through their rose colored glasses. (I enjoy, the films as well don't get me wrong, but to hear the prequel haters talk, they are the best work of cinematography.)

So what made Vader an actual villain to fear? The events of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith and one scene in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

1) In Episode 2, Anakin kills an entire tribe of people "not just the men, but the women, and the children to"

2) In Episode 3, after helping the Emperor kill one of his former masters Anakin is given the Sith name of Darth Vader.

3) Vader leads the attack on the Jedi Temple and kills every Jedi in the building, "even the younglings" (children, not even at the age of 8)

4) Vader then slaughters the seperates leaders, ending the Clone Wars. He doesn't even stop to hear their cries of pleases.

5) Vader attacks his wife Padme, and leaves her on 'deaths door'.

6) Vader fights his father figure Obi-Won to the death and loses being so mortally wounded that only robots can save him.

7) After the robots save him, Vader kills all the robots who had just saved him.

Now what was just described is an actual villain, not some man who only kids find scary. Vader killed innocents, he knew what he was doing. He was following orders true, but he could have killed Palaptine and saved Mace Windu, but instead he wanted to kill the Jedi. Through both Episodes 2 and 3, and even in 1 you see the Jedi treat Anakin poorly.

So to me, prequel haters who say Darth Vader is their favorite villain when in Episodes 4-6 he is more of an anti-hero just makes me laugh because when they say that Episodes 1-3 do not exist, then they can not use the only truly evil things his character ever did. At best he's a bad father, that's not evil. He didn't know he had a son. (You find that out in both Episodes 3 and 6.) But when it came down to it, when he had to choose between the man who was his master (and the one he betrayed everything he had ever loved and cared about, but you only get that with Eps 1-3) and his child. Vader chose his child.

The people who hate the first half of the Star Wars saga, the one that showed Vader's rise yet say the he's the best movie villain of all time are just remembering that feeling of seeing a big scary man on the movie screen dressed all in black (because bad guys wear black)

These people are also the ones who use the lame excuse of 'too much CGI' for hating the prequels when if you actually know anything about how the films were made, you would know that is a bunch of (excuse my language ) horse crap.

They most likely honestly hate Episodes 2 and 3 because they do not focus on Luke, Han, and Liea. (Which was told was going to happen in the 1980's before Episode 6 was even released). The characters they grew up with, they wanted their childhood back. It's why they cried when Han said 'Chewie, we're home' in the trailer for Episode 7. This is also why 'the Clone Wars' did so well when it was on. Not only was it a great show, the people who grew up with Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme as their trio of heroes wanted their childhood back.

People hate Episode One because of one thing, Jar-Jar Binks. He was a character made for the children, and only the children like him. I myself enjoy Episode 1, but it is the worst of the 6 films.

Now will come the comments of 'you suck' 'you're stupid' 'the prequels suck because they suck' blah, blah, GGI, blah. But in a time when the prequels are finding more love on the internet than ever before (they have always had it at the Star Wars Conventions, screenings for all 6 films are just as packed). I guess the majority (people who enjoy all 6 films, and the rest of the franchise) got tired of the minority (4-6ers) being the loudest group and making everyone outside the fanbase think they were the majority.


What was your favorite Episode of the Star Wars Saga?

With these comments coming, lets play a game with the Prequel haters, what comment do you think will come in the most?


What Comment Will Be Posted The Most?

PS if you haven't watched the trailer for 'Episode 7' the Force Awakens, you really should.

And remember, may the Force be with you, always.


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