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Since I am a huge comic book fan, I use my recreational time to create pieces like the one above. However, my original intention was not to create a superhero team piece. It all started when I heard the rumors that DC and Warner Bros. wanted to produce a Wonder Woman TV series and a live-action film, and so I decided to create my own version of the Amazon Warrior!

When I was about 80% done, I decided to add Superman since I just finished watching Man of Steel in the theater. My heart is still moved by and attached to the 1978 film, Superman the Movie. Christopher Reeve is Superman in my opinion. What about that score by John Williams, too? Sorry for reminiscing. Hence, I decided to work on the Kryptonian. When Supes was done I just told myself to make the rest of the team, too. I mean, why not?

Superman notes and sketches
Superman notes and sketches

I went on to work on Batman but I made a huge mistake when I started this piece. I almost screwed myself over by not making a thumbnail or at least a rough sketch of all the characters together, as it would have made it harder to create the composition work. If any of you make a piece with multiple characters, do some sketches.

As soon as I finished Batman, I moved on to create the Flash. He was a fun character to create! After finishing the initial colors, I moved on to adding various Photoshop effects on him. Below are examples of how duplicating (copy & pasting) with the blur tool can do wonders.

I went on to create the Green Lantern and finished off with the last character, Martian Manhunter.

Making this piece was a great experience.

Any piece I work on, be it good or bad, helps me to continue to grow and learn through every experience.


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