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Who doesn't love Chris Pratt? Since the Parks and Rec star joined the Marvel-verse as StarLord in Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems that he can do no wrong. Just google "reasons to love Chris Pratt", and you'll find dozens of lists from as many websites (including this one).

A quick run down of his awesomeness might cover his sense of humor, that time he paused an interview to braid an intern's hair, his humility, his enthusiasm, that time he stole his StarLord costume so that if the movie was hugely successful he could visit childrens hospitals in it, and of course, that Superbowl bet with Chris Evans which led to even more cheering up of kids in hospital alongside Captain America in full costume.

I could keep going, but you get the picture. He's just... adorable. Everybody loves him, and it's not hard to see why.

Now, with Jurassic World only a few weeks from release, it's time for him to hit the press circuit, and promote the living daylights out of his latest film. This means a ridiculous amount of interviews, which are sure to be turned into gifs and quotes and even more "reasons to love" collections, but it seems that the star isn't taking any chances when it comes to p**sing people off.

In this facebook post, he profusely apologizes for "JurassicGate", where he predicts that he will, at some point, make a tasteless comment that he shouldn't make and is very sorry about. He explains how exhausting the press junket can be, not just for him but for everyone else involved, and says that if he does make some off-color remark, he's probably just trying to liven up the days of everyone in the room.

This clearly comes as something of a reaction to what happened when his friend Chris Evans was accused of sexism and slut-shaming for some comments he and Jeremy Renner made during an interview for the Avengers: Age of Ultron tour. Evans immediately apologized for any offence he caused (along with Renner, although Renner then rescinded that apology and defended his comments in a later interview.).

It's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek post, with Pratt trying to make a joke of how many stars are criticized for off-the-cuff remarks, but I also feel like he is making a real effort to remind people that he really doesn't want to upset anyone. (Hopefully no one is offended by the post itself for being a little bit cynical!)

His other facebook post today remains sarcasm free, as he talks about how amazing the film is, the tour he is embarking on, and most adorably of all, encourages people to go outside and play with dinosaurs rather than remain glued to their computers watching him being interviewed. Which is something I'm betting he did a little bit of in the Jurassic World dressing room!

From his previous experience with the Guardians of the Galaxy press tour, I have a feeling that Pratt will be just fine, and that his pre-apology will be completely unnecessary. Perhaps he has learned a new hair style for interns, or has some new (and internet-friendly) quips to share with us about his recent leap from funny man to eye candy/action hero.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see how the world reacts ahead of the Jurassic World premiere, because I recently got some great advice, and I'll be out in the yard with a plastic triceratops!


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