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Kingsman: The Secret Service is being called one of the surprise hits of the year. Coming out in February, a month almost notorious as a dumping ground for movies that won’t do well, “Kingsman” surprised everyone with not only impressive box office numbers, but by being one of the best action films that we’ve seen this year. Critics have used the term “Something for everyone” so many times, that it’s become nothing more than a ringing in our ears. But when I say it, I mean it. No matter what age you are, what movies you’re in to, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a phenomenally fun ride from start to finish, with something for just about anyone to enjoy! So, in honor of the Digital Release of “Kingsman: The Secret Service” approaching fast, I’ve decided to construct a list to help you go from a commoner, to a Kingsman.

Step One: Dress the Part

It’s been said many times before that “The clothes make the man.” With its humble beginnings as a tailoring shop in England, a Kingsman is a perfect example of this. A Kingsman always dresses his best, and is sure that that he maintains his personal appearance as dapper and suave as possible. Most commonly, a Kingsman can be found wearing a three piece suit, complete with a nice tie, dress shoes, nice slacks, a belt and a watch. His hair is almost always tidy and combed his face clean-shaven, and a pair of spectacles to complete the look. Don’t be fooled by the dapper appearance though! A Kingsman is never afraid to get his hands dirty if needed. With an assortment of hidden weapons and gadgets, A Kingsman is well equipped to take out an enemy, even if he looks unarmed.

A small taste of the beautiful fight scenes
A small taste of the beautiful fight scenes

Step 2: Think Creatively

Like any spy, a Kingsman must always be able to adapt to any situation, whether it be drowning, or dining with the enemy, A Kingsman must always be willing to do whatever it takes in order to make sure that the mission is completed to the fullest. Even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice. Survival and observation skills are absolutely necessary to being a successful Kingsman. A little bit of “slight of hand” never hurts either

Step 3: Let off a little Steam

Like any other gentleman, a Kingsman can’t operate with too much stress or emotions on the mind. So, it is necessary for a Kingsman to let off a little steam every now and then no matter which way that happens, whether it be through physical violence, or simply enjoying a cool glass of Guinness

Step 4: Go Unnoticed

Like any other spy, a Kingsman doesn’t work for glory or recognition. A Kingsman must always be willing to go unnoticed by anyone and everyone to fulfill the mission. A Kingsman is never seeking attention. A Kingsman, like any other man should only have his name in the paper three times in his lifetime. When he is born, when he is wed, and when he dies.

Step 5: Manners Maketh Man.

Possibly the most important part of being a Kingsman is how one carries himself, or herself. Anyone can be a spy, whipping around gadgets and a pistol, silently taking out the enemy. Anyone can wear a suit. However, a Kingsman is set aside from the rest of anyone for his refined manners. A Kingsman is always proper. His elegance is on par with that of Queen Elizabeth herself. A Kingsman is never rude, and is never a bully. A Kingsman is well educated and cultured. A Kingsman makes James Bond look like he’s from the Cockney Slums.

To see more of just what a Kingsman is, check out this trailer.

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