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Tomorrowland is an okay movie, its entertaining, the acting with exceptions made for the child actors are quite good (especially star Britt Robertson, who i didn't know wasn't a teenager until i looked her up), the special effects for the gadgets and the look of Tomorrowland are pretty good. So why did I give this only a seven out of ten? I've been thinking about this now for a good while, and I finally figured it out. Tomorrowland does not live up to the promise of the trailer.

I know this seems harsh, but the trailer is advertising an entirely different movie than whats on the screen.

Movie the trailer advertises: A gifted but troubled young woman finds a pin that leads her to a house wherein a man can take her out to the futuristic city in her visions where Dreamers strive to make the world a better place, but finds herself fighting against the corrupting forces within.

Movie we get: After a prologue in which we explore the futuristic city of Tomorrowland for the longest amount of time in the film (about fifteen minuets). We jump ahead to a gifted but troubled young teen who (for the sake of not spoiling it for those who wish to see the film) finds a pin that gives her visions of a futuristic city. She then spends most of the running time finding the city, which has now become dystopic, spends half an hour there, fixes the problem, has a genuinely inspiring closing montage, the end.

Now you may have noticed I didn't mention the villains in this picture, that's because there really aren't. The trailer leads you to believe that there is an evil force that is threatening Tomorrowland and is after the girl and Clooney because they can set things right. in reality there is a ticking clock plot device that must be stopped. There is an antagonist, but his actions are informed by his hopelessness and frustration, not evil.

What we see of Tomorrowland, a city built like what the 60's thought the future would be like, is colorful, and bright, and incredibly fun. It makes me sad that we only spend about 25-30 minuets there, in a two hour ten minuet movie. That is this movie's biggest sin.

Wait... nope the Clooney in love with a child robot thing is worse. That's not to say the movie says this out loud, but part of his story is that he loved this robot when he was twelve and she was built to look twelve, and they broke up for some reason, and they have a divorced couple's chemistry and it's really uncomfortable.

So if the movie is so flawed, why recommend it? Because I still had fun, and because I beleive in it's overall message. The message that the future dosen't belong to the politicians and business moguls and clergyman, but to the artists and scientists and dreamers that can make real, positive change if we all worked together. That is an important message to get out there, and I'll support any movie that does. Just maybe go see Mad Max first.


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