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Hans Paglinawan

You've swooned already to the cuteness of Belle and Beast's chemistry, sang to the perfect songs of the movie and put a special place for the DVD set of it on your drawer. But, have you ever watched it again and analyzed it now that you are a grown-up? Probably yes. But did you notice particularly one scene in this amazing film?

Okay. Let's recap. The Prince is cursed by a fairy who he refused to give a cup of water because of her disguise. This caused the fairy to curse him to live as a beast and make all his servants as objects. Then Belle's father comes, Belle comes, Belle's father leaves, Belle falls in love, the townspeople attempt to kill the Beast (particularly Gaston) and they fail. Beast and Belle lives in a castle now with fully human servants. Happy Ending, right? Or, is it?

Remember this "Be Our Guest" scene? This clearly shows that ALL objects in the castle were SERVANTS before, therefore making them human again at the ending, right?

Be Our Gueeeest!
Be Our Gueeeest!

But don't forget about this scene!

It clearly shows that the Beast destroyed some objects in his room. And you know what that means, right? He killed some servants who were transformed into objects in his room because of his beastly rage. Pretty scary right?

Which leads us to the conclusion that: The Beast was not only a beast in the sense of appearance but also because of his staff killing (plus, he killed Gaston!).


Do you agree to this fan theory?


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