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imo, it's a good thing to ignore fan fiction - as far as incorporating them into the new movies. Be aware of them, but recreate the awesomeness of the original trilogy, in this new era. That is something JJ Abrams can do, especially with the help of Laurence Kasdan (screenplay writer of original Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi). Audiences of those original trilogies did see the potential of force powers - in OB-1, Yoda, & Darth Vader throughout. By Return of the Jedi, Luke was a fresh 'black-belt', whereas OB-1 & Vader were 7th dan & beyond master ninjas of their respective disciplines. The fan-fiction would surpass 'mass' audience's ability to 'suspend disbelief'. This is not the same as dumbing-down movie plots & details to appeal to a foreign market like China (ie. every other minute run away from an explosion, fight-at-the-drop-of-a-hat idiocy, etc.). So my personal expectations are higher this time around, but ready to be disappointed with lack of any deep-lore story-telling on the other hand (limitations of the medium - 90 min. blockbuster movie for the masses).


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