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Spoilers for the Agents of SHIELD Season 2 finale!!!


Many rumours are suggesting that Grant Ward from Agents of SHIELD will become Taskmaster. But let’s assess the validity of that theory:

1. Tony Masters is only an alias for Taskmaster. His real name is unknown. It could be Grant Ward for all we know

2. Taskmaster is a Captain America AND Bucky Barnes villain. He has also faced off against the Avengers. Honestly, Civil War is the best place for him to pop up, which Grant Ward still can.

3. On the subject of his abilities, Grant Ward is always hiding something. What if he’s hiding his photographic reflex abilities? Another theory could be that Grant Ward is an Inhuman and when he has the fish oil, he gains the abilities of Taskmaster. He could be going the path of the Taskmaster mini-series, where he injects himself with a corrupted Super Soldier serum. I don’t see the show going this path, but it very well could.

4. Taskmaster trains criminals. What has Ward done that even slightly revolves around that? He teased out Agent 33/Kara’s killer instincts and made her into a villain who many assumed would become Madame Masque. So that’s already one criminal he trained. Although she did end up dead, he may still want to train people. He’s already gathered a group of criminals to be his team, so maybe he’ll be training them as well.

5. Taskmaster’s B-list level puts him on par with heroes such as Quake/Daisy Johnson, who has been established in Agents of SHIELD under the name Skye, as being around equal level as Ward

6. Taskmaster is effectively a mercenary and Ward’s tendency to kill in the name of other groups and people (Hydra, Garrett, Whitehall, Kara and even the Berserker staff and Lorelei, alongside Coulson as well I think). This basically makes him a mercenary of sorts.

7. When Civil War is released, the Thunderbolts may be a possibility and Taskmaster could be on that team. I've talked in detail about the idea of the Thunderbolts appearing here:,manual

So what are your thoughts? Do you think Grant is going to become Taskmaster?


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