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It’s said that, “No one ever sets out to make a bad movie.” However, the filmmakers bring you in on the joke, that this is not meant to be the best movie ever made. Zombeavers lives up to its puntastic title. This cheesy horror flick is a great late night comedy. Along the lines of “Sharknado” this movie is good at being bad.

However, this is not a movie to be watched with your kids, or your parents. Six college students drive to a cabin in the woods. Sounds like a familiar horror movie premise, and as to be expected, zombie beavers attack the group of sexy co-eds.

Rachel Melvin, Cortney Palm and Lexi Atkins
Rachel Melvin, Cortney Palm and Lexi Atkins

Comedian Bill Burr and singer John Mayer play the idiots that cause the accident, which creates the Zombeavers to begin with. Don’t expect them to stick around though. They are only in the opening scene, which flawlessly sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

John Mayer and Bill Burr
John Mayer and Bill Burr

The beavers look fake, premise is ridiculous and the acting isn’t great. Nevertheless, if any of it were realistic, the enjoyment factor would suffer. It has all the trappings of a typical teen horror flick. Hot naked girls, stupid guys, a cabin, no cell service and long in the tooth zombies. Not to mention the best wack-a-mole (beaver) scene ever.

I say, “See it” but don’t expect perfection and you won’t be let down. This is sure to become a beloved cult classic.


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