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Who will lead the team?

Baron Zemo formed the original Thunderbolts and he is appearing in Civil War. While this might be his purpose, showing how far Iron Man has gone, I feel like he will play a more villainous role as the last surviving Hydra leader. While Iron Man would have a higher chance of being the leader, what if he employed someone else? Someone who would later usurp him?

After all, Matthew McConaughey is being rumoured to play Norman Osborn and if Peter Parker still hasn’t been cast yet and is set to appear in Civil War, Osborn probably won’t be making his first appearance in the Spider Man film. He could be used as the leader of the Thunderbolts. Personally I think that if Marvel goes with Osborn or Zemo as the leader, the team will be villains, but if under Tony Stark, they will be anti-heroes. All in all, candidates for the Thunderbolts are:

Bullseye (Stark and Osborn)

If Daredevil Season 2 premieres as the same time Season 1 premiered this year (which probably has a good chance of happening) then that would place it right before ‘Civil War’. Rumours are heavily suggesting that Bullseye will play a part in that season, so he’d be able to turn up in Civil War then.

Red Hulk (Stark)

General Ross is slated to appear in the film and he could very well become Red Hulk by the end.

Venom (Stark and Osborn)

I definitely feel like Venom is coming to the MCU and I talked about it here:,manual

Taskmaster (Stark and Osborn)

Grant Ward from Agents of SHIELD is a possible candidate for becoming Taskmaster.

I’ve outlined WHY that’s possible here:,manual

And I’ve outlined what possible role he could have besides being on the Thunderbolts team here:,manual

Elektra ( Stark)

Elektra is bound to appear in Daredevil Season 2 alongside Bullseye, so she might be able to join the team as well

Purple Man (Osborn)

If he ends up looking like this, I'll be so happy..
If he ends up looking like this, I'll be so happy..

Set to appear in ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ later this year, Purple Man is the only character I’ve mentioned that hasn’t been part of any of the team’s iterations in the comics. He’s had a part in the storyline, being used to test the Thunderbolts by Zemo, but I feel like he’d suit the team if he was on it in the film.

So what do you think? Are the Thunderbolts coming to Civil War?


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