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Did the S10 finale of Supernatural (or just the season in general) give you the blues? Make you feel like you don't know how to life anymore?

It's understandable, considering all the "dingo ate my baby" crazy stuff that's occurred lately (but, then again, when has is not been crazy?). Dean was given the Mark of Cain, which eventually led to him becoming a deanmon (see what I did there?) during the final seconds of S9, Sam went to way too many extraordinary measures to help his big brother become his normal self again, and Crowley had to deal with some new hellish drama (i.e., his mama).

You gotta hand it to them. One of the best things about the show is the love these siblings share, what they'd do for each other. (Honestly, one of the major reasons why I believe that the show has lasted this long is because of Sam and Dean's relationship.)

Like anything that's got you in a rut of regret, anguish, and/or feels, the best way to cheer up (though it's an almost impossible task when things such as these come up) is to grab a carton of Ben and Jerry's, put on your favorite sweats, and just cry it out (girl logic and all, you know).

Another way that might help relieve the pain (at least for a couple of minutes) is to watch the Hillywood Show's glorious Supernatural parody!

If you don't know who Hillywood is, I'll give you a basic description. Hannah and Hilly Hindi are two sisters who create YouTube videos for fandoms such as Batman and The Lord of the Rings (pretty cool, if you ask me).

Their recent project was a music video for, as it's already been stated, the cult-favorite show, Supernatural. (Spoiler alert: It's the greatest thing to ever hit the net since, like, ever!)

There are plenty of laughs, enough to make you forget the troubles you may or may not have acquired once you finished watching "Brother's Keeper."

I won't give everything away, since it's best for all to discover what makes it such a gem on their own, but everything about it is absolutely perfect from beginning to end.

With a unique version of the song "Shake It Off" as the base of the video's abundance of giggles and a multitude of the show's actors and actresses (e.g., J2, Misha Collins, and even Osric Chu) whom each make quick dance cameos, fans will have something new to talk about . . . that is, until the withdrawal sets in and a weekend's worth of binge-watching occurs.

If you have yet to see it, check it out here and now!

What do you think of the video?


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