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Plot twists! Everybody love's a good old fashioned plot twist right? Well sure, after the twist that is...

But during the twist, when we're clutching our chests and inhaling all the air in a fifteen mile radius with our large gasps, we have a few thoughts running around in our minds; "What is this?" "Why is this?" "Who did this?!"

None of these are exactly the same as "I love that that happened just now!" but they are the reactions that television shows want us to have when they drop a metaphorical (but arguably just as painful) bomb onto our beating hearts. The most painful of plot twists however, is one that none of us can talk about without being on the verge of tears. I'm tearing up right now!

I'm talking about the 'Evil All Along' plot twist. You know the one. The devious twist that takes a good character, one we usually tend to love, root for, and respect, and decides all of a sudden that that character was an evil dirtbag all along!

It toys with our emotions and steps on our hearts. And it makes us look like darned fools for ever trusting in this character! But it isn't our fault that they made him/her so darn lovable! I suppose we should have seen it coming, after all, looking back there is always subtle hints and nods to the true natures of these devilish fiends. But we're only impressionable viewers after all.

Nevertheless, these characters, as jerkish as they are, deserve to be praised. They've pulled the rug out from everyone's feet, and tricked us with such tenacity and charm! They deserve an award. And oh hey, would you look at that; the Critics Choice Television Awards is coming up!

I know right?! It's crazy man!
I know right?! It's crazy man!

But upon closer inspection of the CCTA awards category list, I've come to the shocking realization that an award for these characters doesn't exist. This is an outrage! Well, not really, but it's pretty uncool!

So since CCTA won't honor these 'TF2 spy class' veterans, I shall!


The Nominees For Best 'Oh My Gosh They're The Bad Guy' Reveal!

Warning: From here on out there will be potentially HUGE spoilers. Please read with caution, all ye Unsullied.

That being said, let's get things started with out first nominee...

Cassidy Casablancas—Veronica Mars

Ooh this guy! THIS GUY! If there was ever a tearjerker in Veronica Mars, this guys entire character was it. Abused, both verbally and sometimes physically by his father and older brother, Cassidy Casablancas is a character you definitely feel sorry for. Then you find out he was molested by Woody Goodman, a baseball coach, and you start to really wish this kid all the best in life.

But unfortunately, the best is the opposite of what he gets. Even though you feel for him, it's not enough to excuse the terrible things he does in later episodes. Sexually assaulting Veronica and then lying about it, and exposing his father's real-estate scam suddenly turn him into a terrible person in every viewers eyes. But he's transformed into a full-fledged villain when he causes a bus full of other molestation victims (who were intending to come forward) to crash, and blows up a plane with Goodman and others on board!

Cassidy is what you would call a tragic villain. He started off as just a poor guy type, but in the end, he was just the straight up bad guy.

Pan—Once Upon A Time

This guy pretty much took my childhood and threw it in a blender.

Damn it Pan!
Damn it Pan!

Not only that, but he toyed with my emotions like they were a brand new set of Legos! I genuinely believed he wasn't bad. See, episodes before his evil arrival, characters like Rumpelstiltskin (spelled that correctly my first try!) kept talking about "The Shadow", and it was pretty obvious that he was talking about Peter Pan's shadow. But seeing as how Pan was always good in the material I'd previously seen him in, and his shadow was always the trickster, innocent me thought his hands were clean.

And the fact that Once Upon A Time is owned by the same corporation that made the Peter Pan film (of which I owe the majority of my Pan knowledge to) did nothing but fuel my ignorance even more. Then came his arrival, and like every 'bad guy in disguise', Pan pretended to be nice to one of the heroes. It was quite clear that he was pretending, but again, my younger self shielded my eyes from the truth, and instead I kept seeing the original film and it's admittedly not as good (but still pretty good) sequel.

And the Tinker Bell spin-offs, but I quickly re-deleted those from my mind. Anyway, it wasn't until his evilness was all out in the open that I finally came to terms. One of my childhood icons, WAS A VILLAIN!

Dang it Disney! Why are you so viciously wicked?!

I don't want to get too spoilery here, so I'll just say that later events make you hate him even more, and transform him from a whiny adult-hating trickster, to a full-fledged evil mastermind capable of ruling the world.

Agent Ward—Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D does a great job of being it's own thing. That being said, it is still very much an important part of the larger Marvel Cinematic/TV Universe, and it always makes sure to have subtle nods to other Marvel projects in its episodes.

These nods are usually small and just over the line of significance; but when a Marvel film comes out, AoS always makes sure to up the nod ante, just a bit. But no one was expecting them to up the ante so high that the meter breaks! At least not so early on its lifespan.

But that's exactly what it did when it revealed that Agent Ward, member of Coulson's team (his position title was 'Handsome and Charming Guy'), was actually a Hydra agent all along!

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier released, and revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D was full of Hydra spies, like a house infested with rats, everyone expected AoS to address this in some way. It was clear that Coulson and his team would face trouble, and maybe even trust issues among each other.

But they're all okay right? We know Coulson isn't a Hydra spy, Skye couldn't be, and Fitz/Simmons were just too innocent and adorable to be bad guys. Also, May was just too badass and dedicated to the cause!

You can never impress her. She's seen it all.
You can never impress her. She's seen it all.

So that left Ward, but he's too charming and funny and a hit with the ladies and—oh no it's him! And that was pretty much the entire thought process of every AoS fan, leading right up to the shocking revelation.

Mirri Maz Duur—Game of Thrones

Though not as main character status as the others on this list, Ol' Mirri here played a huge part in the fantasy epic Game of Thrones; she was the only thing keeping one of our favorite characters alive.

Though her name sounds like the results of a 'smash your face on your keyboard' challenge, Mirri Maz Duur was actually a very skilled healer, able to conjure up potions and medicines like a batch of cookies!

But she couldn't conjure up cookies like a batch of
But she couldn't conjure up cookies like a batch of

So when Khal Drogo, a guy who went from beastly brute to lovable cave man got a boo-boo (I'm not even kidding), Danerys tasked Mirri with healing him. Unfortunately this was a mistake, as Mirri was enslaved by Drogo and his men before Dany rescued her; so you knew she didn't just forget that.

But since this woman was the only thing standing between alpha-stage Aquaman and an untimely death, we the viewers hoped she would be the bigger person about it and save him. You have to remember, this was early GoT, before we all wised up to the sick and sadistic ways of George Relentless Rampage Martin.

Have you a heart you monster?!
Have you a heart you monster?!

When an entire episode passed, and Khal was still kickin, you thought that maybe she actually came through. BUT NOPE! Mirri did not come through, and thanks to her poisoning him and turning him into a giant vegetable (not literally, c'mon), neither did Khal Drogo. So true, in a way she's not exactly a main character, and so her evil reveal wasn't as impactful as others. But she did cause the death of a main character with her reveal, something not a lot of side characters can boast about.

Also, she's responsible for the death of Dany and Drogo's child as well. So double bad guy points to her! Hope she'll find somewhere to spend them in whichever gate of the underworld Dany swiftly sent her to!

Well that's all of the nominees! Before we get to the winner, here are some honorable mentions.


Because Laurel is a hindrance in any television program.


Because every show about the supernatural needs a crazy supervillain behind it.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos—Game of Thrones

Because he pretty much introduced Danerys to a common theme in her storyline, which is that every where she goes, the leaders of that place will hate her/ try to kill her/ attempt to take her dragons.

Also, his name is way to complex to be good!

Alright, now it's time for the moment you all skipped straight to; the winner of the best 'Oh My Gosh They're The Bad Guy' reveal!










I can't believe it it's....




This Adorable Dog!

Look at him. Trying to hide his evil. Nice try dog!
Look at him. Trying to hide his evil. Nice try dog!




No But Really It's Ward

While every nominee reveal on here was emotionally devastating, it was only Ward's that truly caught me by surprise. Pan came close, but like I said, it was mostly my childhood innocence and ignorance that blinded me from the truth there.

Cassidy was predictable, he was a character that had gone through so much, that he was bound to have some damaging emotional scars. And Mirri was the same, how could anyone expect her to help someone who had just finished slaving and beating her, along with the rest of her fellow surviving villagers?

I had no idea about Ward's true origins however, which is why he wins this award. Haha. Ward, award. Never mind.

Anyway, I hope you liked my made-up award and the nominees! If you have your own idea about the winner, tell me who you think should have won in the comments below. It doesn't even have to be someone on this list, I'm sure there are a lot of these types of characters that I missed.

Thanks For Reading!


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