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Animorphs pulled me from the brink of social depression, introduced me to my husband, and overall affected my life in a wide variety of inex

O.k., so I may have already covered this territory, but now I get a chance to really zero-in on one aspect of my proposed filmic Animorphs franchise. The first book should be the first movie. Period. It can really concentrate on setting up the characters pre-Animorphs, which would have to expand extensively on the book, and also really show the first Yeerk pool battle. This books includes so much important information, not a pronoun needs to be left out, so that just gives us more of an excuse to what? That's right. Make Animorphs Into a TVShow.

So what I am proposing here is a cast of preteen main characters that are really forced into violent, future-affecting decisions. Faced with death, with freeing family from mental slavery, finding moral compasses, helping those in need, all in complete secrecy or you are dead, or worse.

Because yes, there are such things that are worse, and one of those things is letting Animorphs continue to stew in this limbo of executive anxiety.

They can't understand the beauty of the vision. How personally and emotionally and morally complete the series is. By turning the lest eventful (though still, really, really fun and exciting) books into a running t.v. series punctuated by blockbuster movie installments (finding Ax and Marco's mom can be one, the Ellimist, Megamorphs, and important plot points like The Chee, David, First recruiting the disabled Animorphs, etc. The Helmacrons if they want to make a movie for the Little 'Uns. ( I could totally see them with a spin-off on Cartoon Network.)

Not to mention the Chronicles, detailing the pasts of several of the main alien characters and their cultural ancestry, would make excessively beautiful anime, rather feature length or in episodic installments, like Inuyasha or Reign: The Conqueror.

Young unknowns, recruited around ten and allowed to age a little in research, would infuse the show with an air of realism. These are our children, fighting for our future. They are us, trapped in our bodies. Come on. Let's Do It!


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