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So for my first post on MoviePilot I wanted to write about the "leaked" pilot for Supergirl. First let me state that I LOVE the DC TV Universe. What they have done with Arrow/Flash has been absolutely amazing. One thing that worried me about Supergirl is that it was not going to be aired on CW.

My worries were quickly put at ease. From the moment the episode started I was absolutely hooked. You could feel the urgency that Alura and Jor'el felt as they ushered their daughter off to protect her cousin.

I won't go into a lot of detail, just in case people have not watched the episode yet or are wanting to wait until it actually airs. Let me just pick at a couple highlights. Let's talk about Melissa Benoist. She definitely has the look. She can pull off both the "Geeky" Kara Danvers and the "Super" Supergirl. I am really excited to see how she can further bring these two sides of her character to life.

Now for Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex Danvers, Karas' human sister. I love Chyler ever since she was on Grey's Anatomy and was devastated when she was killed. So I was super...(get it?!) excited that she was cast in this show and I hope she is able to stick around.

Finally I want to talk about Mehcad Brooks, our new Jimmy (or James as he insists on in the show). The obvious thing is that Mr. Brooks is african american and I applaud the casting choice. He has amazing charisma already in the show and provides a pivotal link the The Man of Steel.

I, for one, am very excited for this series to air and think that this falls lineup for tv shows is going to be absolutely amazing. Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts below.

Thank you for reading.


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