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Coming soon to a HULU near you, the entire Seinfeld catalog. The Series ran for 9 years from 1989-98. It started slow, with only a handful of episodes in the first season. However, by the time it was all said and done, Seinfeld emerged as one of the most watched, and best Sit-coms of all time.

Superman and cereal loving Jerry Seinfeld and his friends brought us 172 episodes of genius. However, that is a lot of TV. This list will help the viewers who are new to the series or the fans that want to revisit the past. These are the 20 episodes that made this series one of the best shows in TV history.

The List is in Chronological order.

1. The Phone Message: Season 2, Episode 4

George blows an invite upstairs after a date. Later, upon realizing that an invite for coffee might have really been an invite for sex, he tries calling the woman back. For several days she doesn't answer and he eventually leaves her a nasty message on her answering machine. (90's technology) When she finally calls him back, he figures out that she hasn't heard the massage, and if she did, she probably would never speak to him again. George enlists Jerry's help to swap the cassette from her machine, and avoid her from listening to the damning recording.

2. The Chinese Restaurant: Season 2, Episode 11

On their way to see "Plan 9 From Outer space" (One of the worst movies ever made) the gang stops in a Chinese restaurant for dinner. They are of course in a hurry to avoid missing the start of the film. Kramer is missing but they request 4 seats, since George's date is late. He wants to call her from the payphone (90's technology) but it is occupied. The entire episode is set in this small establishment, with the host calling tables the whole time. Several customers enter and get seated before them, and chaos ensures. This episode was almost the end of the series. The executives at NBC were nervous about how different from anything on TV it was. However, that is what made the series so brilliant and it was a hit with audiences.

"Seinfeld 4!"
"Seinfeld 4!"

3. The Note: Season 3, Episode 1

George discovers that he can get massages though his insurance if request by a doctor. He and Jerry get notes from their dentist friend to partake. Later George questions his sexuality after "it" moves during a massage from a man.

4. The Parking Garage: Season 3, Episode 6

The gang travel out of the city to go shopping. The entire episode takes place in the mall parking garage, while they try and find Kramer's car. Kramer is carrying a heavy Air Conditioner, and Elaine has a goldfish in a baggy that she is desperate to save before it suffocates. The team decided to split up and cover more ground, but it doesn’t work out too well.

5. The Pez Dispenser: Season 3, Episode 14

The episode that made PEZ relevant again. Jerry takes a shine to a Tweety bird dispenser and offers some to everyone he meets. George's girlfriend invites the gang to her piano recital and Jerry's insistence on playing with Tweety causes Elaine to laugh during her performance. Meanwhile, Kramer joins the Polar Bear Club and has an idea for a cologne that smells like the beach.

6. The Contest: Season 4, Episode 11

George swears off masturbating after being caught by his mother, causing her to have an accident that puts her in the hospital. The guys decide to have a wager to see who can remain, "Master of his domain" the longest. Elaine feels left out so they let her join in as well. The episode is filled with comedic situations that test their resolve.

"I'm Out!"
"I'm Out!"

7. The Outing: Season 4, Episode 17

Jerry has an interview with a reporter for a college newspaper and requests her to meet him at the diner. While waiting Elaine notices the girls at the table next to them eavesdropping and decides to have a little fun. She hints at the thought of George and Jerry being a couple, and they believe it. However, it turns out that one of the girls is the reporter and prints that Jerry is gay, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

8. The Junior Mint: Season 4, Episode 20

Elaine visits and old boyfriend in the hospital who is an artist. He needs surgery and his odds of survival are questionable. George decides that purchasing some of his art would be a good investment and Jerry and Kramer are invited to sit in the screening room during the procedure. Kramer offers Jerry some candy and Jerry pushes it way. The Junior Mint soars through the air and lands in the open surgery wound. Also, Jerry is dating a girl, whose name he can't remember. He tries everything to remember, or figure it out.

"They're very refreshing"
"They're very refreshing"

9. The Pilot: Season 4, Episodes 23 & 24

This two part season finale episode aired back to back. Jerry and George are in the process of making a pilot for NBC, that is pretty much the same concept as Seinfeld it self. We see the people cast to play the four friends and it makes for great meta television.

10. The Puffy Shirt: Season 5, Episode 2

Kramer's new friend is a very soft spoken "Low-Talker" and runs a clothing line. Trying not to be rude, Jerry nods his head while talking to her and accidentally agrees to wear one of her shirts on the Today Show. Meanwhile, George lucks into a career as a hand model, only to have an accident in Jerry's dressing room.

"I don't want to be a pirate"
"I don't want to be a pirate"

11. The Hamptons: Season 5, Episode 21

The gang visits a friend's house in the Hamptons, who have just had a baby. Turns out the baby is one of the ugliest things they have ever seen, and yet a cute guy Elaine is interested in uses the same adjective to describe her, as he does the baby. Meanwhile Jerry and George brought their girlfriends with them and while George is not around, his girl takes off her top in front of everyone. George feeling left out, feels he should get to see Jerry's girlfriend naked as well and attempts to walk in on her. Instead, she walks in on him and his "Shrinkage."

12. The Opposite: Season 5, Episode 22

George, fed up with his bad luck, decides that he is always making the wrong decisions. So, he does the opposite of his first thought and it proves to be the best thing ever. He gets a girlfriend and a job with the New York Yankees. Meanwhile, while George's luck improves, Elaine's takes a turn for the worse.

13. The Jimmy, Season 6, Episode 19

The boys start playing basketball at the gym with a man who speaks of himself in the third person, "Jimmy." He is a salesman for a shoe company that makes odd looking training sneakers. Meanwhile Jerry goes the see his dentist (Bryan Cranston) who he suspects is doing something funny, after he puts him under for a procedure. Later, Kramer also goes to see the dentist and leaves under heavy Novocaine, prior to going to a charity event for the disabled. He does this while, not being able to speak properly and wearing the weird shoes from Jimmy.

14. The Soup Nazi: Season 7, Episode 6

One of the most influential episodes of the series, I still hear people yell, "No soup for you" all the time. The gang finds a restaurant that sells the best soup in the city. However, the guy that makes and serves the soup is crazy. You can't speak to him, in fear of hearing his dreaded phrase. Meanwhile, Elaine trusts Kramer to guard a piece of furniture for her while she arranges to get it up to her apartment, but he fails and it stolen.

15. The Bottle Deposit: Season 7, Episodes 21 & 22

Another 2 part episode that aired the same night. Kramer and Newman devise a plan to drive a load of bottles across state lines to collect the higher refund. Meanwhile, Elaine's boss has her bid on a set of golf clubs that were once owned by JFK. Jerry's car is stolen with the clubs in the back. While on the trip with the bottles, Kramer spots Jerry's car and the crook tosses the clubs in an attempt to lose him.

16. The Doll: Season 7, Episode 17

George is haunted by a doll of his fiancee's that has an uncanny resemblance to his mother. After the prop that Jerry was going to take on a talk show as a joke is destroyed, he asks a friend to bring George's doll to the show, but she grabs the wrong one. Meanwhile, George finds out that his father has converted his old room into a pool hall.

17. The Chicken Roaster: Season 8, Episode 8

A new Kenny Rogers Roosters opens across the street from Kramer's apartment. The powerful, red, neon light drives him crazy and he wants to get the place shut down. Jerry discovers an old friend is working there however, and agrees to trade apartments with Kramer to help him keep his job. Meanwhile, George tries a new tactic to get a second date, leaving something behind in her apartment.

18. The Pothole: Season 8 Episode 16

Jerry accidentally knocks his girlfriend's toothbrush into the toilet. Before he can warn her, she uses it. Meanwhile, Kramer adopts a section of highway and decides to black out the dotted lines and make larger, luxury lanes. Elaine resorts to pretending that a janitor's closet is her apartment, in order to order from her favorite restaurant, that says her actual apartment is out of their delivery zone. Plus, George loses his keys, only to discover he dropped them in a pot hole, that has since been filled in.

19. The Serenity Now: Season 9, Episode 3

George and his childhood rival compete to sell computers for Frank, who has started a new relaxation technique. Whenever he gets stressed he yells another catch phrase I still hear to this day, "Serenity Now!" Meanwhile, Kramer decides to install a screen door to his apartment, causing a stir.

20. The Strike: Season 9, Episode 10

Due to an increase in minimum wage, Kramer decides he is finally ready to go back to work, after being on strike for years. Meanwhile, George decides to try and pass fake donation cards off for gifts at work and his father attempts to bring back his made up holiday, to take the place of Christmas in their house. The series once again created something that I hear every year come holiday season. "Festivus for the rest of us."

I am sure that I have missed a lot of people's favorites. However, I feel these episodes stand out and give a skeletal structure to the entire series. If you are new to the series, but don't plan to sit through all 170+ episodes, this is a good place to start. If you are a fan, go back an relive what most of us in the 90's set our VCRs or rushed home to watch.


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