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As a 'Foreverist', I believe some things are worth fighting for and this show is one of those things. I look back on the season and wish I'd live tweeted more and maybe that would have made a difference but now it's about getting it back. I fought for Syfy's "Dominion" to get a second season with its faithful fans and we won. I would have fought for "Mindy" but I didn't need to. On to the list:

1. The Fan base - Foreverists

Once a fan base has a name for itself it becomes a lot harder to stop them in anything they may want to accomplish. Twitter is full of these people petitioning TNT, Netflix, Amazon or even Hulu to pick up this show. Doesn't that show loyalty going forward?

2. The Story line was original and really good.

This show set itself apart from the rest with its story of a man who can die and come back and uses those skills to solve murders. He never got to tell his secret to Jo and that's something that could have made the show even better. Plus, the potential love story between Jo and Henry, that needed more time.

3. The Online Petition

This petition has over 46K signatures and only needs a few more. Sign it if you feel like this show deserves another chance.

4. If "Mindy" can get new life, why not "Forever?"

Hulu was so smart to pick up "The Mindy Project" because it will up their subscribers. If Netflix picked up "Forever" the fans who don't have it yet would sign up, guaranteed. This is simply a smart business move.

5. There's a poll of which shows fans will miss most, guess who is winning?

If you said "Forever", you're right!

6. Finally, Ioan Gruffudd loves the show and its fans. What better reason to give him more time to portray Henry?

My dear friends, fans, supporters. Tonight, as you all now know, I received a phone call that I was hoping not to receive, and to be honest I really wasn't expecting it. I knew the numbers hadn't been great, but I also knew the studio and the network both loved the show, and of course that it had an incredible fan base . . . so I thought we were in with a pretty good chance. But sadly no, this time the cards weren't dealt in our favor. Show business is like that. Hell, life is like that. You ride to the top of the wave and then you come crashing down again.

I asked Alice to send out the sad news because I was a little bit shaken up and needed time to gather my thoughts. So I sat down and started reading the thousands of Tweets in response to the announcement. And the more I read, the more I couldn't believe it. The love, the sense of solidarity, the hope, the kindness, the support. Not just for the show, but for each other. And slowly I began to focus on what we had gained in the past year, rather than what we had lost in the last five minutes. I was overcome by a sense of gratitude. To have met you all and to have you all rooting for me and the show. At having a chance to play the role of my dreams, even if it was only for a year. To have been given the chance to bring Henry to life.

Watching the interaction of the Forever fans come together and share their love for the show has been breath-taking. It was you guys who held me up when I thought I could no longer go on. (Those days were LONG!) You made me smile when you pointed out the little things I did on screen that I thought had gone unnoticed. You gave me confidence when I accidentally found myself reading less than shining reviews. You were always with me, every step of the way, waving your flags, shouting your support for the show. It's been an incredible, wonderful year, one that I will never, ever forget.

And guess what? The memories belong to us. We get to keep them 'forever!' Thanks again a million times for your unwavering support. Stay strong, be brave, and show kindness as often as you can! Ioan xxx


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