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Go ahead, start hating before you even read this, ill wait...... OK did you get it out of your system? Are you ready to actually read what I wrote?

Supergirl was leaked yesterday. I wasn't very excited to see this show after watching the trailer but I decided to give it a shot. I love Arrow and Flash and I'm excited for the upcoming Heroes of Tomorrow. Watching the trailer for Supergirl felt like I was watching a trailer for a generic romantic comedy.

Lets start with some positives: Spoiler free

Right from the beginning the shows star Melissa Benoist captivated me. She plays the some what dorky Kara Danvers well, shes attractive with out having to be sexualized she has a hidden strength about her (and I don't mean her super powers). She was a good casting choice and I look forward to seeing more of her.

The inclusion of Dean Cain and Helen Slater was perfect, absolutely perfect! I grew up in the 80's and secretly loved the Supergirl movie (it was a horrible movie). I also watched Lois and Clark when it came out. Seeing these two made me a bit giddy. For longtime fans of all things Superman this was great.

Jimmy "call me James" Olsen.... I have no issue with them changing the race but did they have to make him a hulking charismatic person? Jimmy to me was always a kinda dorky kid that was awestruck by Superman. Not some jacked ladies man. Mehcad Brooks could play a super hero. While he is not a believable Jimmy Olsen to me or any self respecting comic fan, he does play well with Melissa. They already have chemistry and I can see it developing even more as the show goes on.

OK the negative: Still spoiler free

The writers of Supergirl try way too hard to push feminism. With lines like "She isn't strong enough" "Why? Because shes just a girl?" or the very first bad guy in the show saying things like. "on my planet women bow before men" and "You think that because you wear the same symbol you're like him? If i were fighting him it would be an honor." This is just a very small example of this. The whole damn show seemed like a feminine equality Life Time movie. It is literally crammed down your throat the whole show.

Supergirl is a fucking bad ass. She can go toe to toe with Superman. She doesn't need to point out that she's a girl and she can be just a good as one of the guys, its just a simple fact she is just as good if not better then the guys of DC. The writers just need to focus on the character doing what she does. It doesn't matter if shes a girl or a boy and them pointing it out every 5 seconds makes me want to bitch slap them. It takes away from the core character. You don't see anyone saying "He isn't fast enough" "Why, because hes just a boy?" on the Flash. To me and this is just my opinion, I feel that pointing out that shes a girl over and over just hurts the whole idea of equality. I feel like the show is going to suffer because instead of telling a great story about a very interesting character all they will focus on is the fact that she is a girl. This was just one episode. I'm hoping they back off a bit and just focus on the core of the character in the coming episodes.

Final Thoughts:

This show has a lot of potential. The cast is overall great. The story arch is similar to that of the Flash so you will get a "bad guy of the week" along with an over arching story that will span the season/seasons. Kara is bound to develop into a better more confident Supergirl over time and I can see that effecting who she is as Kara as well. The graphics where good for a TV show and I think better that what we've seen in Arrow (ATOM) and Flash (Firestorm). I'm not 100% sure if it was confirmed or not but I heard that all three shows will cross over. I think seeing Kara and Flash fight side by side would be pretty cool. While I'm disappointed at the writers for shoveling feminism down my throat for an hour I have high hopes for the progression of the series. Women are equal, in most cases they leave us guys in the dust. I don't need to be spoon feed these ideals for a hour when I'm trying to watch something that was meant for entertainment, not a soap box for feminism.

I'm probably going to have a lot of people write nasty things about my views and opinions of this shows pilot. To you I say, bring it on. The great thing about out society is that I can express my opinion and so can you. I'm actually very interested in what the ladies of Moviepilot think about this show and the force feeding the writers did.


Do you want to see Supergirl speeding along with the Flash? "I hear you're the fastest man alive. That's to bad cause you're kinda cute." "Wait that's not what they mean when they say I'm fast!"


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