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Okay so have to admit I am a horror fan, I love me a great horror film from time to time, and I do enjoy the silence in a movie and an all of sudden hanging person in the background or weird hands clapping, it’s terribly amazing. Screaming like a little girl in a theater or in your house with your significant other is very fun. In all honesty we all enjoy a great scare ever so often.

Let's remake everything...
Let's remake everything...

Now I do have to comment that I believe that horror is one of the harder genres to do right. Most of what we get now and days are usually films filled with clichés and or bad reboots of older scary movies, which I kind of like because, well seeing different versions of things is one of my favorite things in the world. However when I get movies like what we got a few years back with Friday the 13th reboot and Nightmare on Elm street, well I’m not too happy. I have to give credit to Rob Zombie because I like what he did with Halloween, but it’s not the point. The point is I know Hollywood can spit out great movies, they do it all the time so why can’t they give me a good scary movie. Despite that I never lose faith and won’t stop searching for new horror films that will make me pee my pants.

So in hindsight of all of this, I do think that the new Poltergeist reboot came out on the 21st. So I took it upon myself to prepare for its release. How did I do so you might ask? Well I watched the 3 previous films, okay so maybe I only watched the first one because everywhere I go online everyone says it’s the only one worth watching, I’ll probably see the other two also just out of curiosity but today I shall only speak of one.

First off do want to tell you all if you have not seen it I will be basically be telling you what happens and give my review, so spoilers for Poltergeist and possible spoilers for the reboot (Because I fear it will only be the same thing but polished up for new age audiences).

So much happiness...
So much happiness...

Okay so in the beginning of the film we’ve got an average American family in an average suburb house in an average suburb community, where kids play in the streets with remote controls and terrorize their fellow citizens. In a time when for some strange reason your TV was affected by your neighbor’s TV clicker and you couldn’t watch the St. Louis Rams without Fred Rogers popping up (weird times.)

In all this wonder and beauty of 1982, we’ve got the Freeling family Diane the mom, Steven the dad, Dana the teenage daughter, Robbie the little boy and Carol Anne the little girl who is the basis of the film. The film has a bang of an opening, showing us that everything is already weird and creepy from start when the little girl begins by talking to the television and touching it as if reaching out to it. Everything is calm and happy for the most part, things get fun when the parent’s start smoking weed and from there on everything gets spooky, clouds get darker, trees get scary and chairs start to move on their own. By then we had already see in the film that there was an “earthquake” which at that point the connection between the spirits and the physical world was made. We keep on seeing their everyday lives but things gradually get more and more fucked up.

So the big turning point is when the huge scary tree outside of the kids’ bedroom comes to life and tries to eat Robbie. So while everyone is trying to rescue Robbie, they forget about poor Carol Anne. Meanwhile at this time she’s hanging on for her life until she cannot hang no more and is sucked up by her closet. Then we know she’s gone to the spirit side of things. Panic gets very popular from here on out, so the family quickly but in vane, start to search the house only to find out Carol Anne is nowhere in sight. In their search they come to a bedroom and all of sudden hear Carol Anne as if she was inside the TV. (screenception)

So now the Freelings really don’t know what to do, so they bring in the professionals, not as pro as the ghostbusters but after all it’s not a comedy right? They find a team of parapsychologists to help them out. So the group of parapsychologists go and find out there is something fishy going on, they set up their equipment and star documenting, they do witness a lot more of things. Like for example, one of them starts seeing things when goes into the kitchen by himself and eventually totally pussies out of the mission. After that the spirits really present themselves to everyone in a form of shiny lights (which I thought was really cool) So much mystery and wonder to these lights, that leaves all them in awe with a dash of fear.

After that Robbie and Dana are sent away. The team of parapsychologists decide to leave so they can make sure their work is safe. Steven finds out that there house along with the rest of his neighborhood were built on top of a graveyard, which he seems to link together with everything that’s happening.

So by this time everything is winding down to an amazing finish not really knowing how this will end. The team come back with reinforcements, they come with a spirit medium that goes by the name of Tangina Barrons. She has what I find to be a voice of a child, which kind of creeps me out, but you’ll like her. She helps out a lot, like walking around the house and determining that there is an evil spirit in the house that has Carol Anne and won’t give her back. She devices and amazing plan which was actually foreshadowed earlier in the film by Robbie, so all in all Tangina doesn’t do much but act as someone who really knows what’s going on. The plan consists of opening once again the portal which is inside of the kids’ closet, tie someone to a rope and let them go in hoping that they themselves won’t get stuck to save Carol Anne.

Sounds like a plan an 8 year old would suggest, oh wait…
Sounds like a plan an 8 year old would suggest, oh wait…

They do all of this and manage to rescue Carol Anne and it seems that all is well as it was before, but the thing is that from the beginning everything has been offset so why would things just end. Before the Freelings can completely pack up there things and leave that evil house in their pasts, they have yet another encounter with what has been named “The Beast”. Mom all sexy after a nice bath gets thrown around her room and the closet tries to suck of the kids’ one more time but not before a clown tries to kill Robbie. Mom escapes the clutches of the spirit who was throwing her all and about in her room. Tries to free the kids, fails and runs outside in hopes of finding someone who can help her, falls in to a carved out pool, where all of sudden we find skeletons and a complete coffin pops out of the ground, at which point we figure out that the bodies were never moved from the graveyard. Momma bear comes back and has better luck freeing her children. Steven comes home to find a light show at his house and tries to help his family get out. They finally get out of the house, into their car, Dana comes back from god knows where but she has a hicky and starts screaming gets in the car along with her family and they drive away. The house goes into override with the lights and eventually implodes. The Freelings away from all the chaos go to a hotel to finally get some rest, but not before they throw outside the TV. Credits roll end of the movie.

Okay so here comes the good part, what did I think of it?

The movie overall kept me watching, which is a good star off to my review. I thought it was going to be different in a sense that I expected it to be darker, which now in retrospect I enjoy very much, because even when things seem they are all fun a bright colors, the TV can suck you into a world of terror and disbelief. It’s actually a very fun movie, I really enjoy the acting in the film I find Carol Anne a fun to watch and Miss Tangina also was a really cool character, even though I describe her as unnecessary. The movie is definitely worth watching, something I also really loved was the score, the music is amazing. It really sets the mood and it kind of gives a touch of nostalgia from when all movies had fun music scores.

On a scare factor from 1 to 5, I would give it a 2. In total I positively give it a 4.

Check it out the worst thing that could happen is that you end up liking it better than the remake and well that’s not all that bad of a thing.

As a plus I found a few interesting facts surrounding the movie, you can find most of these online but I’ll mention them to you either way. Nothing new but still cool to know if you didn’t before.

-Steven Spielberg was rumored of been the true director of this film instead of Tobe Hooper. Spielberg was actually under contract with Universal Studios due to the fact of E.T and could legally direct another film, but was a strong creative force on set. Spielberg himself stated the “Tobe isn't... a take-charge sort of guy” so he would from time step in.

-The movie was said to be cursed, after the tragic death of Dominique Dunne (DanaFreeling ) and Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne Freeling). They had all of sudden and weird deaths, which propelled this rumor.

-Some of the skeletons used in the pool scene were said to be real, having been the case that they were cheaper than plastic ones. (So weird)

In the end I had fun with this movie, it was a real change of pace from all the other horror films I’ve seen lately. The black guy doesn’t die, actually no one dies, there was minimal to no blood at all and no unnecessary jump scenes. Fun music score, just a good horror flick to watch with friends and family. I strongly recommend everybody to check it out before they see the new one but don’t get sucked into the TV.


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