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Supergirl first episode was today leaked, 6 months before schedule. People wonder: theft or marketing ploy?
I have seen it! And here is: everything about Supergirl episode 1

See here the extended trailer for Supergirl!

First we are presented with Supergirl short story: She is deployed to earth just after Kal-El (Superman) with the mission of protecting him. Unfortunately as Krypton exploded sent a shock wave that knock her capsule of track sending her to the phantom zone (where time doesn't pass) she was there for 24 years until she got to planet earth still with 13 years old. By that time Superman was already known, "the most powerful men in the universe". He wanted her to have a safe human type childhood, so he placed her with the Danvers, they had one daughter, Alex.

We find her working at Catco Worlwide Media, as an assistant for the company CEO ,Cat Grant. By this time we meet her friend and friend Winn, who has a crush on her. She meets the recent company aquisition James Olsen, a photographer that won a pulitzer for shooting Superman. Personally, she is depressed, because she can do everything Superman can, but she is just an assistant. She is a blind date when she realises that the plane her sister, Alex, is on is going to crash. She saves the plane and everybody in it, becoming famous.

When her sister got off the plane and got to her house Kara is really happy, yet Alex reprimended her. We can see that she thinks highly of her sister.

In the next day, everyone is excited because they have a new vigilante in town. In a staff meeting we discover that James actually knows that Supergirl is Kara and mencions that the first thing Superman did was also save a plane. Kara reveals her secret to Winn, by prooving she can fly.

We are presented to the bad guys. We discover that they wanted to take down the plane ,because they're were DEO people inside, with bombs. They are also from Krypton once they found out who she might be.

Kara and Winn start working on a suit, initially without a cape. Then they find out that a the cape helps with aerodynamics. In the end, she as a cape and the S (stands for: The House of L, Kara’s family code of arms). In the way to stop a crime she is shoot down.

We are introduced to the DEO (Department of Extra normal Operations) where Alex works, but Kara didn’t know. They tell Kara that along with her ship from Krypton was brought the prison, with some of the most dangerous men in the world. She gets really upset with her sister.

In the next day she confront her boss, because she doesn’t like the name “Supergirl”, almost being fired. But James, the photographer saved her with a photo allegedly taken by her.

She has the first fight with one of the enemies. We discover they want to kill her because her mother was the one who got everybody sentenced to prison. She is almost killed, but luckily the DEO saved her just in time.

Her sister comes to apologize, showing her a video from her mother who has kept on the capsule. She gets her inspiration and goes to face the Kryptonian who defeated her. She wins, and in the end he kills himself.

In the last scene, we see that Kara aunt is the one behind all this and her goal is to reign planet earth.

I really liked this episode, not just because I am a huge DCU fan but because he got the origin story very quick and we quickly get her suit. I also enjoyed to see her powers at work (flying, force, listening, seeing through things, laser)

I am hoping it will continue in the same level, or better. I think this is going to be a bit like the Flash.

Hope to see more, 6 months from now!


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