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Here is a list, ignore the order they are in, its just me writing a list while I look at my movies in the order they are in on my dvd shelf. Put please feel free to share me your thoughts on the order you think they should be in. Well I hope you enjoy this list! I am sure most of you have seen these movies but for those who have not....get your ass to watch them!

1. The Cell

Jennifer Lopez's best movie hands down. She should stick to horror-thriller not these cheesey one hit wonder chick romances for bored house wives and girlfriends.

2. The Descent

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Great acting especially for a horror film. That is rare to find now a days.

3. Dead Girl

Such a romantic movie. Watch it with your special someone on valentines day.

4. High Tension

SPOILER ALERT: Lesbian love!

5. Frontier(s)

Cannibal Nazi Family...and its rated NC-17.....

6. The Loved Ones

Best Prom movie ever!!!

7. The Collector

Beautifully directed plus they use my boys song in the movie. SHUT AND BLEED by W.A.S.T.E. (they put the Combichrist remix version on the opening title of the film). Also its pretty unique storyline.

8. The Woman

A film for the family.

9. Let The Right One In

A great vampire flick. The original is the best hands down!!!

10. The Signal

I felt like I lost my mind while watching this.

11. Martyrs

Yea....lots of torture in this one!

12. The Skin I Live In

This movie...............................................................................

13. The Darkness

Demons, ghosts and cults...oh my!!! That game of thrones dude is in it along with rogue.....

14. The Cube

Can you survive the cube?

15. Murder-Set Pieces

Watch the uncut version.....I know the acting isn't all there but its got tons of gore and violence.

16. Donkey Punch

The title of this movie always cracks me up.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the list! I know you might not enjoy most of them but I hope you find something on here to your liking.


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