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As the July 14th release date for X-Men: Days of Future Past- Rogue Cut draws closer, we now have the full details on special features and content that will be available on the new release. Here is the final cover art, which is relatively unchanged from what was previously released:

There is, however, one distinct thing to take not of: the Rogue Cut is now going to include both versions of the film. It was previously reported that it would not contain the original theatrical cut, and would be its own unique release. This now appears to not be exactly the case. The full details of both discs are as follows:

Disc 1

Both the Theatrical Cut of the Film and the Rogue Cut of the Film


Director Bryan Singer and Composer/Film Editor John Ottman (Rogue Cut)

Director Bryan Singer and Producer/Writer Simon Kinberg (Theatrical Version)

Second Screen App

Disc 2

Mutant vs. Machine [A 9-part making-of documentary]

X-Men: Unguarded

Gallery: Storyboards, Costumes & Concept Art

Fantastic Four Sneak Peek

Digital HD

So while it will include both cuts of the film, none of the special features from the original release are going to be ported on to this release. Also, it doesn't appear to include a 3D transfer of either cut, so if you have the 3D release of the original cut, that is the only 3D release for the film.


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