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A recent tag has been circulating around Moviepilot, where us Creators get to pick some of our favorite movies, shows, and games released the year that we were born. For me, that was 1997. When looking back eighteen years ago, there are plenty of good films to choose from, but what's the fun in that? Without further ado, here are some of the best, worst, and weirdest movies, shows, and games that were introduced to the world in 1997.

The Best - Titanic (December 19, 1997)

When you think of 1997, who doesn't think of Titanic? After such masterpieces such as The Terminator and Aliens James Cameron amazes us yet again with his story about the famous shipwreck.

His story follows a two young individuals as they put aside their differences and find love in each others arms. Once the horrific accident happens, the couple works together to attempt to ensure their survival.

The movie is famous for both being a great movie, and having one of the saddest endings in film. Fair warning, if you haven't watched it yet (which you totally should), you might want to keep the tissues handy.

The Best - Liar Liar (March 21, 1997)

As I kid, I always remembered this as the Jim Carrey movie that had Westley from The Princess Bride in it, but I now know this as the fantastically funny movie with that signature line.

In the film, Carrey plays a divorced lawyer with a son that he struggles to make time for. When he promises to show up at his son's birthday and doesn't, the son's birthday wish is that his dad can never lie again.

As what happens with most family comedies, the wish came true and Carrey, being one of the best lawyers around, is forced to always speak the truth. As you would imagine, this causes many problems for his characters, both in the courtroom and his struggle to make time for his son.

The Best - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (March 10, 1997)

Have you ever heard of Joss Whedon? That guy who directed the Avengers movies? The genius who introduced us to the world of Firefly? Well one of Whedon's most notable works is the supernatural drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The series follows Buffy Summers, a high school girl that differs from other high schoolers in one very dramatic way. She's a slayer, one devoted to killing vampires. The pilot episode, "Welcome to Hellmouth" shows Buffy adjusting to a new school while juggling her job of killing blood-sucking demons.

Whedon created the show to break the archetype of "the little blonde girl who goes into a dark alley and gets killed in every horror movie". He more than delivers, with this delightful show that is still looked fondly on today.

The Best - Men In Black (July 2, 1997)

While the entire trilogy may be loved by many, the first one is undoubtedly the best. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith join forces to battle the evil aliens (yes, there are nice aliens too). When a particularly nasty alien starts eating people and making its way to the mothership, the two men in black must pursue him before he can cause any more damage.

Men In Black holds its own among the other sci-fi franchises because of its originality and humor. It's really fun to watch, and I still go back to it from time to time.

The Best - 007 Goldeneye (August 23, 1997)

Many trademark franchises released their first games in 1997, like Grand Theft Auto and Fallout, but there is one game that trumps them all. Back in the 90s, Goldeneye was the pinnacle of first-person shooters. The classic N64 game was based off of the classic Bond film, and it still looked back to fondly by many shooter fans.

The Worst - Batman & Robin (June 20, 1997)

Out of all the Batman movies out there, this one is widely regarded as the worst, and for good reason. Even with an all-star cast that includes George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uma Thurman, the acting is just sloppy and kind of clumsy.

After watching the magnificent Dark Knight trilogy, it almost hurts to go back and watch this one. It's generally just a bad movie.

However, if you like puns, look no further, for Mr. Freeze has quite the arsenal of them, such as...

"Let's kick some ice."
"What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!"
"Tonight's forecast... a freeze is coming!"

The Weirdest - Alien: Resurrection (November 26, 1997)

Alien was good. Aliens was better. Alien3 was disappointing, and Alien: Resurrection was frankly just strange. After Ripley's death in the third movie, (no, it's not considered a spoiler if the movies came out decades ago), she is cloned and resurrected (hence the name).

Once the Xenomorphs break loose in a space facility, Ripley joins with a ragtag crew to try and escape the facility alive. If you have watched it before, then you know what the ending is like. If you haven't watched it, well, there's no real way to explain it. It's simply just weird.

But on the bright side, the movie was written Joss Whedon, so you can see a lot of similarities between Resurrection and Firefly for all ow you Browncoats out there.

The Weirdest - South Park (August 13, 1997)

I couldn't put as this as either best or worst due to the fact that there are so many people out there that love South Park and there are just as many people that hate it. But whether or not the show is one of your favorites, you cannot deny that the show is pretty weird.

The satirical quartet first started in the summer of 1997, and they really advertised the rest of the series with their pilot episode with Alien probing, fart jokes, and of course Kenny dying.


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