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I watched ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’ this weekend and it was incredible. If you haven’t seen this film I highly recommend it. Full of action, action and more action!

Not seeing the original Mad Max starring Mel Gibson. I went with a fresh perspective in watching the film and came out loving it.

In a world where humanity has collapsed Max ‘Tom Hardy’ our survivor is captured by the War Boys from an army called the Tyrannical Cult whose lead by Immortan Joe. Max is used as a Blood bag for one of the sick War Boys Nux ‘Nicholas Hoult’. Meanwhile we have Imperator Furiosa ‘Charlize Theron’ driving out with her heavy armored war rig to collect more gasoline when she begins to drive off route. Joe discovers his wives are missing and begins to send his army of War boys along with himself on a hunt to get Furiosa. Furiosa was looking to go back to her homeland and save herself as well as the wives. Max teams up in order to help them.

Furiosa, Nux and the Wives
Furiosa, Nux and the Wives

The films action is incredible with the many stunts it has pulled off. Most of the stunts are happening on the road while they’re driving and as well as in the air.

Furiosa our main female protagonist plays her role very well that I felt it over powered Max’s character at times, but the two worked so well together and made the film more enjoyable.

One character you got to love is the Doof warrior, who's the guitar player who throws flamethrowers out if his guitar. This guy is amazing be on a look out for him. Even when everyone around him is getting blown up and killed and he’s still there playing his guitar.

The Doofwagon - Doof Warrior Flamethrowing
The Doofwagon - Doof Warrior Flamethrowing

An exhilarating experience a MUST SEE!


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