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After watching the first Avengers movie, I was intrigued on when the next movie would be released in theaters. I waited for quite some time and being the regular blood donor that I am, saved my Fandango movie vouchers to experience this movie for the small price of nothing. If it's free, it's usually for me.

When the opening scene commenced, I was astonished by the detail that took place as the fighting commenced showing each character coming into the shot as well as the running gag of, "watch your language" developing as Iron-man is the first to ruffle some feathers especially those of Captain America with his bad boy vulgarity. The setting takes place in what appears to be a snowed out forest slowly becoming a wasteland of those that the Avengers defeat. This is one of the first and really good examples of how specific each detail had to be within the movie especially with the development of the set and their surroundings while filming. The area is designed for a fight with the ability to grab a hold of items such as trees to showcase the brute strength of the Hulk and something for the bad guys to crash into when taken out by the hammer of Thor. The scenery throughout the entire movie is well developed and plays into the scene as a whole instead of a minor piece which is something that even the best directors can lack in the filming and editing process. A good movie without a great scene can be disastrous.

The second aspect of the movie that was deemed a mere three out of five stars would be the development of the relationship between the Hulk (Bruce) and Black Widow (Natasha). I enjoy each actor in their own sense but not together while in their Avenger fight mode the reason being that it takes away from who the Hulk truly is but gives light on how he is calmed. The Hulk is designed to "smash" and obliterate objects within his path because of his increased rage and size of that of his human form. During this stage, he is not to be calmed or reasoned with because he is a loose cannon. By having Natasha calm him with her lullaby, it is giving the idea that a simple talking to can take down the powerful Hulk which I do not particularly enjoy. It would be like approaching a lion attacking an antelope and expecting it to immediately become non-aggressive but it does aid in creating a romantic aspect for the movie which the occasional female viewer enjoys. It only makes sense for a major blockbuster to become major by showing some love to all viewers even if that means changing the Hulk's overall and original stature. The true side of the Hulk is shown though when he takes down a city due to his impaired thinking which makes for a very interesting scene as the big guy has no feelings of initial remorse but the little man, Bruce Banner, experiences all of the guilt and pain he has caused from becoming a wanted man.

The characters are entirely my favorite part because they show each aspect of their character. For example, Captain America remains the man who fights in wars and abides by a law of chivalry that excludes cursing and hitting a woman as his original time would show. The dialogue in the movie even shows this as each character speaks showing who they truly are and the past they have encountered such as Black Widow and her training to become a lethal assassin and the sad truth that she is sterile because children would get into the way of her true objectives: kill and flee. Each character is uniquely from a different time and place which is evident but not overly shown such as the truth about Hawkeye's family and permanent residence in what appears to be an open farm area which becomes their hide out. The director and casting director were very specific on how these actors must remain in character in order to show how they are different but similar in the same course of action. They are all fighting for a way to end what hurts them and the country around them. Iron-man must defeat the monster he created in hopes to eliminate any form of threat, the Hulk (Bruce) must defeat the big guy who can take place but must accept that he is a part of who he has become, Black Widow must take the strong female lead as she accepts that her life will never be that of one with children and a husband, Captain America must understand the basis of the American culture and that not all battles should be fought, Hawkeye must understand that there is not always a new project for improvement because the true key is happiness and not completion and Thor must accept that his life and others are affected by the objects from his world which he can only attempt to control as the great son of Odin. This is a great way to develop and write a plot that exemplifies the actions and thoughts of the characters while dealing with their new objective: defeat Ultron.

The best and most important reason that you must see Avengers: Age of Ultron is for the two new characters created who play a key role in the distinguishing of good against evil as they realize that not everything you're told is for the good of everyone because it can be for the good of themselves and the main villain who I have come to love: Mr. Ultron himself. Ultron is the product of the ideas of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in an attempt to creating something so powerful that it would be able to defend the world from any form of threat whether it be foreign or local but the plan is changed when it attacks Jarvis and show signs of human emotion and thought processes making it one of the most distinguished, funny and cunning characters produced by Marvel. He becomes a threat as he is able to infect the others by striking at their core with witty comebacks and threats that create a comic relief from the uprising tension in the situation. With the help of his super fast friend, Quicksilver, and the girl who merely touches you and can screw up your entire thought process to perceive things that are not there, he comes unstoppable until he is taken down the human form of Jarvis who is not truly Jarvis but has the voice of him.

I could continue to write in detail the reasons that I am infatuated with this movie and reasons to see it but these are just some of the in depth reasons that may hope to convince a reader like yourself to immerse yourself in the Marvel universe because there is no other movie with a sassy villain that is almost unstoppable, jokes about Thor's hammer and the importance of watching your language around Captain America and the true friendship and bond that these characters share that makes them work together so well despite there differences in age, culture, and "powers."

Spoiler: Nick Fury is there too. Oops.


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