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Wolves Not Far

The Wolves finally make their debut in The Walking Dead’s Season 5 finale, “Conquer.” In fact, they showed up in the very first scene along with a familiar face, Morgan! It seems Morgan is going to be back (for now) once season 6 begins. The last time we saw Morgan and Rick together, he had a few screws loose. It looks like he was able to pull himself together and now follows more peaceful beliefs. We can already feel the conflict brewing as he witnesses Rick execute Pete at the finale’s end.

As for The Wolves, not too much was revealed. We were introduced to 2 characters. Even with weapons they couldn’t take down a man with a stick. It appears that The Wolves use walkers as weapons to obtain other people’s supplies. We see this as they tied the one woman to a tree, only to be turned into a walker. Then the slice the throat of a rambler, again only for him to be turned into a walker. Then they claim the walkers as their own with the W’s on the forehead. The only thing that has me confused is why do they cut the limbs off of some of their walkers? It doesn’t really make much sense to have a bunch of limbless walkers for anything really?

This also begs the question, who are The Wolves? The theory now is they are the group “The Saviors” from the comic. The Saviors also use walkers as weapons and are a group of very bad people. Could this be them? Is this a new group created specifically for the show? Or are they supposed to be some other group from the comics?

The show has been very reliant on symbolism this season. We saw Sasha lay herself down in a hole with the dead walkers. Being how Sasha has been feeling recently this could symbolize that she feels like she is dead or wants to die. This foreshadows her later scene in the church with asshole father Gabriel. Michonne takes her sword off the shelf and sheathes it at her side once again. This is to show that they can’t live in peace in this community. They must survive by their rules and always be prepared for what’s unseen.

The episode focused heavily on working together to settle differences in order to survive. It was almost too apparent as we saw it everywhere. Abraham and Eugene finally talk and make amends with each other as they sit by Tara’s bedside. Sasha, Maggie, and Gabriel all wind up praying with each other after Gabriel takes his anger out on Sasha and she almost shoots him. Glenn forgives Nicolas for trying to lure him out beyond the town and kill him (so totally wanted to see Glenn just shoot him.) Rick tells the town he wants to train them to make them tougher. Finally Deanna sees the true way of the world (it only takes her husband’s death) and sides with Rick.

It appears most of the air is cleared now. The town has left the past in the past and is working on building and surviving in a better future.

The Decision

The episode underperformed for me. I wanted something more. Norman Reedus told us this episode would make us cry. Was is sad that Reg (Deanna’s husband) died? Yes, did it make me cry? Not even close. Reg was a very likable character. However, we were only introduced to him a few episodes ago. We don’t have the emotional attachment to him as we do Rick, Daryl, or Glenn. The finale felt more like a mid-season finale rather than a season ender. Although it wasn’t horrible, I was still expecting more out of this episode. Here’s to hoping The battle between our group and the Wolves is a good one!

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