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Most fans of the MCU are super excited to see the Avengers return (most of them anyway) in next year's Captain America: Civil War. Fans have been speculating who is going to side with who, and what roles will characters like Bucky and Black Panther play. This is just pure speculation on how I believe the movie will play out; if you disagree that is fine I would love to read what you think will happen. Also keep in mind this article will contain massive spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron so SPOILER ALERT!

Now because of the fact that we see The New Avengers assembled at the end of Age of Ultron it wasn't really a surprise when they were all announced to return. Those characters are Vision, Scarlet Witch and War Machine (Falcon was confirmed prior to the release of Age of Ultron). What was surprising was seeing that Scott Lang aka Ant Man will be appearing, he is slated to make his debut appearance in this years second MCU film 'Ant-Man'. Since Scott is returning I have a feeling the post-credits sequence of Ant-Man will be Scott joining The New Avengers. I believe these characters won't have main roles so they won't impact the story too much which is said to be about Captain America hunting for Bucky while fighting off Iron Man; instead we will see them in action scenes (which will be awesome) and scenes featuring each side debating what to do next. Speaking of which; we don't yet know who is on what side at the moment. I have a list of who I think will be on what side

Anti-team: Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch

Pro-team: Iron Man, War Machine, Ant Man, Sharon Carter, Martin Freeman's character (either Everett Ross or Henry Gyritch) and Thunderbolt Ross.

Not choosing a side: Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Vision

Villain team: Baron Zemo, Crossbones

The reason why I think Sharon will be on Tony's side and not Steve's is because the last time we saw her she was with the CIA which is part of the government therefore it's her job; that being said I think she will eventually switch sides at some point similar to what Invisible Woman and Human Torch did in the comic. Winter Soldier has no reason to pick a side because he will likely be busy tracking down and eliminating HYDRA officers, specifically Baron Zemo. Black Panther is apparently hunting for Winter Soldier in the film so it's possible that while Bucky was brainwashed he attacked Wakanda at some point. Crossbones is a wild card, it is widely speculated that he will be responsible for the governments act to say all Avengers work for us now, in other words he is playing Nitro's role from the comic. Last time we saw Crossbones he was turned into burnt bacon so he will definitely be back with a vengeance, however Frank Grillo recently said he has already finished filming the movie and it just started a couple of weeks ago so is Crossbones only going to have one appearance? I don't think so since they still have to film in Berlin, Puerto Rico, and Iceland so I think he will have more to do but he was just needed for one action sequence in Atlanta.

Ant Man will side with Stark in my opinion because he was a criminal in the past and he will probably want to start a new life as shown in the previews for 'Ant-Man', however he may end up switching sides as well but I'm not quite sure about that. It will be interesting to see how Hawkeye fits in as well seeing as how he retired in Age of Ultron and I believe he will side with Steve because he has a lot of the same beliefs and ideologies as Cap (comics anyway they didn't show much of that in Age of Ultron). I don't think Vision will choose a side because in Avengers 2 he says a really interesting line; "I'm on the side of life". This makes me think that he will simply go into hiding similar to what The Thing in the comic plus he is very overpowered let's face it he has an Infinity Stone so I believe Vision will stay out of the conflict (meaning he could pop up in another film afterwards Doctor Strange or Thor: Ragnarok being the two likeliest candidates). Scarlet Witch will side with Steve because she wants to do the right thing when it needs to be done and if the government is controlling her she can't do that.

As for the plot I think it could play out like this; Crossbones will attack Wakanda (it says an international incident involving The Avengers) and the government will make this new act happen and it will split the team down the middle. Cap's crew of Rogue Avengers will go into hiding and Stark's crew will be searching for them and both teams are searching for Bucky. Cap wants to help him, Tony wants to imprison him making Bucky one of the central characters of the film which is smart. Bucky is on the hunt for Baron Zemo and Black Panther is on the hunt for Bucky as well (to kill him). The big clash between The Avengers will happen and then Bucky will stop the fight and make them realize they are supposed to be allies and there are real villains (Baron Zemo) who wish to cause chaos. Cap and Stark will put aside their differences and Cap will go face Zemo with Bucky while Stark and the rest of The Avengers go help civilians to safety (I'm assuming HYDRA will attack them as well so a cool fight could play out where Scott becomes Giant Man and stomps on HYDRA). In the end Steve will NOT die, but I think he will retire and take on Nick Fury's role and oversee the crew while Bucky takes the mantle (Sam might as well I am happy with either one). Post-credits scene features Spider-Man. It sounds short but I have a feeling this will be a long movie so the conflict between Steve and Tony can last really long before being resolved during the climax. I don't think they will remain as enemies for the entire movie because that would mean they would have to put aside their differences for Infinity War making it cliched as hell. Both heroes hate each other and then they put aside their differences and love each other again. So I think it's best to wrap up the conflict at the end of this movie rather than drag it out into Infinity War. As for Civil War impacting the MCU it could some Avengers could leave (like Vision) and the world won't be the same similar to Cap 2 the twist with HYDRA being inside SHIELD impacted the MCU as a whole (besides Guardians of the Galaxy) so I think Civil War will be the same.

This was all my opinion so I would be happy to hear what you guys think. Thanks for reading it really means a lot.


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