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NintendoLand Lives!

Nintendo and Universal Studios have recently announced they are working together to bring us a new Nintendo themed section in Universal amusement parks. With Nintendo’s massive back catalog of amazing games, there are plenty of directions this could go. Here are some of the things we would like to see in NintendoLand:

Bowsers Castle Ride/Koopa Coaster

With Bowser being the big bad Nintendo villain, chances are he’ll get his own ride. Bowser’s Castle has been a staple in Mario Kart titles, so why not give the guy his own roller coaster? Thwomps trolling the halls, jumping fireballs, and flame throwing Bowser statues can all be obstacles within the ride. Plus could you think of a more perfect title than the “Koopa Coaster?”

Pokemon Snap Ride

One of the most memorable games of our childhood, Pokemon Snap. Anyone who has been to Universal knows that the Men In Black ride is bland and boring. But what if they knocked it down, upped the graphics/props and rebranded it as a Pokemon Snap ride? Now we’re talkin’! We’d climb into Dr Oak’s on rails podcar thingy, give everyone their own camera, and score each person by the pictures they take! Pokemon Snap Ride > Shitty Men In Black Ride.

Mario Kart

This one is a given. If Nintendo doesn’t take advantage of this, then the park doesn’t deserve to exist at all. They could have the track span out across the entire Nintendo section and have it constantly change. Imagine starting off in the Mushroom Kingdom, only to be fighting for first place on Rainbow Road minutes later.

Kirby’s Air Ride

While the game wasn’t too great, the ride could be incredible. Kirby Air Ride was a Kirby racing game released to mixed reactions in 2003. This could be an interactive VR ride where each person “surfs” on their own star. Think of The Islands of Adventure Spider-Man ride.

Donkey Kong Mine Coaster

When you think about mine coasters, one game comes to “mine” Donkey Kong Country! This is another staple that NEEDS to be included. Mine coasters have been around forever and what better to use that the classic Donkey Kong Country Mine ride!

There’s so many areas Nintendo can go with this theme park and we can’t wait to go. Unfortunately it’s going to be a while until the park sees the light of day. Until then, we’ll be in dreamland thinking of more and more possibilities.

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