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Danni Winn

Ever know of a person exceptionally gifted in multiple areas? I mean like, really blessed. For example Bo Jackson. Legitimately possessed the natural talent to not only play, but excel at both professional football and baseball. Or folks who are incredibly inspiring writers, leaders, and filmmakers, such as Mr. David Lynch.

L Gustavo Cooper can be considered such a soul. His affinity for cinema was found through his first great achievement, competitive skateboarding.

Mr Cooper & Mr Rodgers
Mr Cooper & Mr Rodgers

And if anyone has skated before, regardless of it being street, vert,'s competitive to say the least. But to gain some advantage and make an impression, Gustavo started making skating videos showcasing the talents of himself and others.

Obviously he enjoyed filmmaking, because he soon became a student at the Art Institute of Jacksonville to study professionally. Cooper can add everything from short films, commercials, music videos and feature films to his resume. His short Velvet Road, honestly left me a little speechless. The seamless and exquisitely unfolding story of an obviously outbreaks of sorts seriously left a mark on me.

And so I have been waiting patiently, watching his previous works over ( I highly recommend this ) and finally my wish of a new feature is soon to be upon us. His next feature entitled June, is written by himself and Sharon Cobb. June is the tale of a young 9 year old orphan whose destructive episodes are attributed to a possession from a powerful supernatural being. I'm so down for this.

I really think this young man is part of the American sect of genre filmmakers that need some more attention. I believe he can quite possibly contribute positively to the Renaissance within Horror. Keep a look out and continue to watch those movies that matter!


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