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The review of tomorrow.

The story is about a pair of geniuses - one a bright, optimistic teen, the other a former boy-genius-turned-jaded adult - happen to share the same destiny - one that leads to a place outside time and space and into their collective memories - a place called Tomorrowland.

So I just seen Tomorrowland and I got to say that I'm a bit disappointed, but judging it on a visual experience the movie was pretty decent. I had high expectations going in and why wouldn't I be the the first teaser trailer really hooked me in with it's magically new world and the films storytelling. Now I don't think this is a bad, I was just a bit let down and I know there's probably going to be some people out there that are trying to confidence me that this is brilliant movie just like what some people did when I said Chappie was the biggest let of the year and it still is.

Brad Bird turned down Star Wars Episode 7 to do this movie and straight away I though that this movie was going to be great, because Brad Bird is a great director and he made the best Mission Impossible movie to date. And in this movie Brad Bird does get all of his creative vision out on the screen and Tomorrowland looks absolutely stunning to watch. Brad did what he can for what he had to work on and at least this is a original story and Brad Bird took a huge risk by saying no to Star Wars just because he wanted to do a original story. Nicely done Brad.

George Clooney was the only thing worth watching in this movie, because he did good in the movie and his character was the only interesting thing in the whole movie. This time he wasn't just playing the George Clooney, he actually played a character this time and a interesting one.

The visual effect's in the movie worked perfectly in a way to show this future place known as Tomorrowland and it's nothing like Avatar where every single thing is CG and you feel that Avatar creative ideas came from better well done movies, so Avatar is a underrated copy cat of a film, at least in Tomorrowland it creates it's own original environment and made it look like a place that anyone can go to, and that's call Disneyland.

Now for problems and sadly these a lot: Britt Robertson as Casey got a bit on my nerves a little bit, and I got nothing against the actress she's good in the movie, but I just didn't care about her as a character.

The other character I didn't really care about Athena played by Raffey Cassidy. Just like what I said about Casey I didn't really care about her story ark.

The villain of the movie was pretty lame and weak, when the movie did the big twist by showing the villain I already sawed it coming minutes ago.

The third act of the movie really brought the movie down for me, because the first and second act was pretty solid but the third was the most bloated cop out I've seen this year and it ended so disappoint.

Overall Tomorrowland is a alright movie but the reason why I found it disappoint is because I expected something big and something great I mean that's what the movie was trying to be in the trailer's. The movie is different and I always like different movies that try to be something else, and I give the movie that.


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