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Now that spider-man is officially joining MCU and Asa Butterfield in talks to play our favorite wall crawler . I would like Feige to do these 6 favors to please the fans and bring originality to the character without repeating the same thing over again.Okay let's get this list started..

1. Open up to new villains

We’ve already seen Goblin on the big screen 3 times! We don’t need him again, he is becoming overused and dull. We have other villains such as Kraven The Hunter, Mysterio, Carnage, Shocker, Gollum, and even Daredevil’s KingPin. Marvel don’t be scared to do something different, these are just a fraction of spider-man villains that would fit perfectly into the MCU. Try avoiding Dr.Connors, Green Goblin, Rhino, Electro. I want to see someone new, let’s give the scorpion have a chance with the big screen. Maybe Chameleon frames Spider-man or Peter Parker. Just change the game up a bit, Spider-man has one of the best villain galleries in marvel or superhero history, utilize it.

2.Introduce some new characters

Spider-man could be the gateway to a whole other world to the mcu (metaphorically speaking). We can see the underground superheroes that the Avengers have inspired. We can maybe see Miles Morales trying to fight crime without his powers, maybe there can reports of a man in a yellow mask saving people, I don’t care just make sure there are other superheroes out there besides the Avengers,Guardians of the Galaxy, Shield, etc.


Marvel has a well established universe, why not carry it over to your solo movies? We don’t want something super small like the Avengers Tower in the background. Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series was a hit, so maybe Daredevil can make his way onto the big screen helping Spider-man stop an armed robbery. Maybe a new S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier swoops in and saves spider-man and the day. Either way, don’t throw your well established to waste, utilize it. It can actually show that this isn’t another Not-so-Amazing Sony-man.

4.An interesting love interest

While I liked Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-man 2, Mary Jane didn’t really deliver in the Raimi’s. We shouldn’t see them constantly breaking up and getting back together, and loving each other and not loving each other. Mary Jane should already be dating Peter or Gwen or maybe change it up a bit and add someone else like Liz Allen, and take elements from the Spectacular Spider-man Animated Series. Spider-man should be dating a strong independent,beautiful,smart woman. Spider-man’s love life is an essential part his crime fighting career, it keeps him emotionally driven. Knowing that someone out there is supporting him and is worth fighting for keeps his mind stable most of the time.

5.More Heroism

Spider-man shouldn’t be focused on the main antagonist, he should save the people of New York. In one scene he should let the villain go to save an old lady or a little kid. That's one of my biggest gripes with the first two spider-man franchises. Spider-man was to focused on stopping the bad guy rather than helping pedestrians. For example; the ending of TASM 2 he let the missiles fly around crazily not even thinking about if they would’ve hit a group of citizens. Spider-man should risk his life for the life of another person.

6.Make him inexperienced

The main villain should beat up spider-man..a lot. Not just a few jabs here and there I mean like brutally beat him to the point where he has to retreat from battle. Spider-man is only 15-16 in the MCU, So he has just begun crime fighting.Spider-man should still be settling in as a hero, he should make rookie mistakes such as trashing public property while stopping the bad guy, J.J.J should have a reason to call spider-man a menace. I’m not saying destroy new york city, maybe a building and a street but half of new york should not be in ruins at the end of the movie.

And that's it 6 reasons on how to make spider-man at least a good movie, and that's only about a fraction of the things that would make it a good CBM. Thanks for reading my article my next post will be 6 things to do in Captain America Civil War.


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