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Marvel has been busy lately churning out film after film and recently they just had another big payoff when Avengers: Age of Ultron was released on May 1st and managed to dominate the box office for most of the weekend.Now marvel is gearing up for its next big superhero blockbuster about the shrinking hero known as Ant-man.the character was created by Stan lee, Jack Kirby,and Larry Lieber. Ant-man made his first comic appearance in tales to astonish#35. The character has fought alongside the avengers and Hank Pym's ant-man was responsible for the creation of Ultron in the comics.The movie version will focus on the Scott Lang version of character.

Here is the official synopsis for the film:

With the ability to shrink in size but grow in strength, a con man (Paul Rudd) must help his mentor (Michael Douglas) protect the secret of his Ant-Man suit and pull off a heist that will save the world.

based on the synopsis you already get the feeling that this is yet another redemption story following a character who has made some very questionable choices that have gotten him in trouble with the law.Now the character seeks to redeem himself when he is offered a way out.The film has been described as a heist thriller since Scott will be trying to steal back pym's ant-man technology.

Scott started out as a thief and con-man and ended up working at other jobs but when he became more desperate he would try to pull off huge heists to support his family and his daughter. Tn the comics he stole the ant-man suit in order to get the money he needed for his daughter's surgery and when he was caught he turned himself in but Pym decided let him continue being Ant-man.

This film looks like it could do well at the box office since it has a stellar cast and a relatable story that is sure to suck you in.The villain of the film might even be interesting considering that he falls in within the gray area when it comes to being evil.Overall the trailers have sparked the curiosity of those who aren't familiar with Marvel films or the ant-man character. You can catch ant-man in theaters on July 17,2015, but make sure you bring a magnifying glass with you.



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