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Issa Nash

I was surprised to see that the Supergirl pilot leaked so early and had no choice but to watch it. Unfortunately, it was not as exciting as I'd hoped but I have a great deal of hope it can become a great show, not high expectations unfortunately, just a lot of hope.

We learn that she was sent to Earth to watch over Kal-El as a child and that they were supposed to arrive on Earth at the same time, making her older than Superman upon arrival. Unfortunately, her ship malfunctioned and she was sent into the Phantom Zone for 33 years and we also learn that time does not pass in the Phantom Zone so she never aged.

Somehow, unexplained however, her ship does manage to make it to Earth but again, 33 years have passed and Kal is now a fully grown Superman whereas Kara is still a child, roughly 7-10 years old. Superman finds her ship when she arrives and takes her to the Danvers, a married couple who are scientists and who helped Superman control his abilities as he grew up. The Danvers have a daughter, which becomes significant when Kara is an adult, as we learn.

Fast forward 33 years later and Kara is an assistant to media conglomerate Kat Grant. Kara meets James Olsen on his first day and we learn he's friends with Sueprman. Coincidence?

Later that evening, Kara is on a date with an uninterested man who'd rather walk away and answer his phone then give any mind to Kara. Further foreshadowing that she is too unique an individual to be contempt with a simple life. We then learn that an airplane headed for who knows where, I forgot, is about to crash, and one of the passengers is Kara's sister. This forces Kara to save the plane by landing it in the river and pictures are taken, which put Kara in the forefront of all news.

She's excited but her sister isn't, for reasons not yet known but will be revealed. Kara asks her sister to leave and the conversation ends on a sad note. Next scene, Kara wants someone she can share her secret with that will be happy for her and she does so with some analyst at the office who asked her out on a date. He helps her put her costume together and she stops a few crimes here and there with a few mishaps until she's caught with kryptonite. She wakes up in a lab of some secret government-like agency where she learns that her arrival started a chain of events leading to the creation of the agency.

The next big reveal is that her sister is a government agent. Moreover, Kara's arrival allowed several criminals from Krypton who were in the Phantom Zone to escape the phantom zone and arrive on Earth. We also learn that Kara's mother was the judge who put them all away and that they'll want revenge by taking it out on Kara. Back to her sister for a moment, we now learn that Kara's sister wanted to keep Kara a secret to protect her from being discovered by the criminals. Kara decides to take the first criminal on who's on a crime spree to destroy something and Kara. The fight isn't great but in the end Kara wins and she's established that she wants to follow in her cousin's footsteps.

Back at the office the next day, she asks James if he'd like to have lunch. He let's her know that he's aware of her secret and that Superman asked him to take the job and help keep an eye on her. Jimmy tells Kara that Superman is proud of her and then presents Kara with a gift from Superman, his blanket, which she can use as a cape. She asks James why Superman didn't tell her himself and he tells her that Superman wanted Kara to make the decision for herself. End of episode but beginning of the series.

All in all, I'm not as enthusiastic about this series as I was for Flash after watching the first episode but I'm more than willing to give it an entire season to see its potential. I really think it's a mistake to not allow crossovers with the CW shows. The ratings would easily double with a Flash/Arrow episode and vice-versa.


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